2013: A 365 Project

At this time of the year there’s an inevitable flurry of planning of projects due to start on January 1. One of those projects that inevitably comes up is the 365 project. For those who are not familiar with this, the basic premise is taking a photo a day for a whole year, sometimes arranged around a theme. People take photos of their children or themselves or their home or events.

I was umming an ahhing about joining in this challenge next year. I already take at least one photo of Squirm every day, but I’m not terribly comfortable with sharing that many photos of him. I’ve tried a similar challenge before, but the job of journaling became onerous and I couldn’t keep it up. And then the perfect subject hit me.

I’m going to take photos of 365 Days of Books.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Books 365 Intro

There’ll be books on shelves, books in boxes, books on tables, books in hands. There’ll be piles of books and rows of books. Picture books, novels and non fiction. Books that I’m reading and books that I’m avoiding. Along the way I hope to keep promoting reading as much as I can!

I’ll post the photos here around once a week or so, probably in collages. But for the most up to date photos, it’ll be best to follow my currently completely empty Pinterest board.

Are you doing a 365 Project in 2013? What are you photographing?


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