The Great Library Tour: Narangba Library

Narangba Library

There was enough time for one more library on our library tour this year, so inbetween Christmas shopping, Squirm and I made a short trip north to Narangba Library. This is a smaller library, probably the smallest one we’ve been to in the Moreton Bay region, though far from the smallest in the whole library tour. It’s completely decorated with a train theme – from the signs above the books, through to the toy train which actually runs around the top of the library. There’s lovely little ‘train things’ to discover around the whole library, which makes for a bit of an adventure.

I’m not sure if it was the trains, the lovely staff or the size of the library, but the best word I can think of to describe it is ‘cosy’. There were very few people there when Squirm and I visited, so we were all alone in the kids section. There was a lovely big rug and a couple of sofas to sit on and read, and lots of great board books to choose from. The kids section continues the train theme with a train shaped book holder holding the large format books. It’s a very neatly set out area, with picture books and board books in low shelves, and junior novels, the toy library and junior non fiction creating ‘walls’ around the area. The picture book collection wasn’t huge, but there were a lot of really good books there – both new and older – and no doubt it would be possible to find something for everyone.

The feeling of community was evident throughout the library. There was a baby weigh station (Squirm had been weighed the day before, though, so we didn’t test that out) in one section, and lots of information for parents available there. There was also a lovely big table, fairly close to the entrance, with the days papers – a perfect spot to stop and let Squirm get a little more sleep while I read the paper. The other novel thing was that I couldn’t see self check out machines – you had to go and interact with the staff, which I really liked.

I think this would be a great spot to take a couple of hours out of a busy day to go and curl up with a good book. There’s plenty of good ones there to choose from, and it’s definitely quieter than some of the bigger libraries – without feeling like there should be no noise at all. I think this is one library that will go on our ‘visit again’ list.

Narangba Library Narangba Library


The best parts of Narangba Library

  • The train theme in the whole library
  • The lovely staff
  • A really good collection of board books
  • The Young Adult section looked very, very inviting.

Important Information about Narangba Library

Shop 1 A, Narangba Village Shopping Centre, Main Street,


Open Tuesday to Saturday – opening times are changing in the new year.

Parking is available, but it is a shopping village car park which can get a bit busy. Right across the road from Narangba train station

Narangba Library Narangba Library Narangba Library Narangba Library

In the Area . . .

This is a fairly residential area, but it is pretty close to Alma Park Zoo which is worth a visit.

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Next week, I’ll be giving out my library awards for 2012, celebrating libraries with amazing architecture, gorgeous decoration, awesome displays, lovely staff and wonderful ranges of books, among other things. In preparation, here’s a chance to promote your local library, no matter where in the world it is! Leave a comment about your local library (including the name and website if you can) and what you love best about it, and I’ll include it in next week’s award post!



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