2012: My Year in Review

January to July

No blog, no record. Well, not really. I started the year pregnant and tired, and dare say that I’ll end the year with a baby in my lap and tired. Mr Pilot took me on my surprise birthday trip to Sydney, where I pushed lots of kids out of the way to try out the Sorting Hat at the Harry Potter exhibit. My best friend had a beautiful baby. I got ready for my new job at my new school . . .

New job was extremely busy and extremely wonderful. Met lots of politicians (new school, new pilot program = photo op) and had wonderful students.

Got bigger and bigger and bigger. Got carpal tunnel syndrome 😦 Waited for my due date . . .


No blog. Past due date. Sick of eating curry. Sick of walking around the block. Finally was induced and beautiful Squirm arrived 🙂 Spent the first week in the hospital and the next few in a haze.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader


Started the blog! There was the obligatory introduction post, a letter celebrating Squirm’s first month, and the introduction of the Great Library Tour. Meanwhile, I was getting the hang of the baby wearing thing, getting out of the house on foot, then finally being able to drive again.


In October, I started getting the house organised and decorated – something which has fallen aside a bit with Squirm’s baptism and then Christmas. We celebrated International Baby Wearing Week and World Teacher’s Day. I also blogged about my post pregnancy body. We also celebrated a tonne of birthdays (it’s always been a big birthday month) and visited some pretty awesome libraries.

Post Pregnancy Body

Post Pregnancy Body


My baby stopped being a newborn and turned three months old! I started a completely healthy obsession with T2 Tea and took 7 days of Selfies. I got on my soapbox to be proud of breastfeeding and to point out that fake pregnancy jokes aren’t funny. I visited Beerwah Library, which is still a favourite as well as North Lakes which was a real disappointment (fingers crossed for the new one, which will hopefully be there soon along with a new Ikea) I learned more about organic food, wrote my 100th post (with cupcakes), talked about why you should take your baby to the library and talked about being an ambitious mother. Big, big writing month, but an awful lot of fun.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader - Beerwah Library

Beerwah Library


I slowed down a little in December for Squirm’s Baptism and preparations for Christmas. We’ve had teething and sitting in a high chair and other massive developments this month already! And, of course, I never count the year over until after my birthday on the 29th December. I picked up my reading advocacy bat, well and truly, writing about the Australian Women’s Writer’s Challenge (I have my first books ready for January 1), how to get the most out of Baby Rhyme times, why Australia is behind in reading, fun book related activities for the holidays and fun fiction challenges for the holidays. I have a feeling that my blog will be continuing on a reading theme – along with organisation, a bit of food and general parenting related stuff – into 2013. I realised that I’m still terribly passionate about reading and reading education, and if I can encourage more people to read, if I can recommend one book that hooks a child into reading, if I can help one person find the wonders of their local library – then I’m doing something good.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Logan North Library

Logan North Library – places like these are what make me so passionate!

And 2013 . . . ?

Well for Squirm it’s going to continue to be developments and milestones. I’m looking forward to food and swimming lessons and words and moving around. I’m looking forward to more hugs and reading.

For Mr Pilot it’s going to be a big year with work including the possibility of some work away from home. Hopefully he’ll reach his next flying milestone too.

For me – lots of reading, lots of libraries, lots of books. Trying to eat healthier, trying to repair my stomach muscles and getting more exercise. Trying to get the house organised. And lots and lots of blogging 🙂



  1. Oh I had carpal tunnel with JJ. Isn’t it awful! I spent months sleeping with snowboarding wrist guards on at night, and unable to feel my fingers when I was at work typing by day.

  2. Such a cutie patootie! I used to work in the office for an Adult literacy program, the director was so passionate about reading to your children from the day they are born it was infectious.

  3. I’m pleased to see ‘lots of blogging’ on your resolution list! I’ve loved your library tour (and the rest). It’s great to ‘meet’ a fellow book enthusiast. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope you hit all the right milestones (for all of you) in 2013 🙂

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