The Great Library Tour: Logan North Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Logan North Library

While Ikea is only available at Logan, it’s a great excuse to get down to the Logan City Libraries. This week, after picking up a high chair for Squirm, we made our way slightly north to the Logan North Library. Like Logan Central, this library is pretty new (opened 2008 – check out some of the photos from building) and is in immaculate condition. It’s set up above a covered car park, with lift and stair access from the foyer downstairs. In the foyer there was a lovely display about U3A (University of the Third Age) which I believe is a collection of classes on various topics for older people.

For some reason, I love stairs in a library. I like the idea of winding your way upwards and a totally awesome world being at the top. Must be the Faraway Tree lover in me! This feeling was definitely helped by Logan North advertising upcoming Hobbit events in the library on the notice boards in their stairway.

The library isn’t the biggest one I’ve been to – just a nice average sized library. But it was beautifully set out, so it didn’t feel cluttered and everything felt like it had a proper place. The height of the building meant that people could sit at one side and look out windows while they read their magazines or newspapers, and there were a few people there who looked like they were doing exactly that! Then there were the displays . . . but more about that later.

The children’s and young adult sections (which were separated) take up the opposite side of the library to the newspaper section, which meant that they were also bordered with windows looking out. I’m discovering that I quite like windows in children’s sections, though I know windows can be problematic when you need wall space for bookshelves! The children’s section was quite large, with a big wet area, small tables and chairs, a special story tellers chair, big comfy sofas and a variety of smaller chairs. There were LOTS of picture books available, including the big format books, which were also available at Logan Central library. There were also very organised shelves of books for new readers and early chapter books, junior fiction, reference and non fiction as well as a very large selection of audio books. I was particularly impressed by the audio book range, and for the first time wished I could have a library card in another library system!

My favourite part of the children’s section was in one of the corners, where a tree had been created to make a reading ‘hide out’. There were cushions and stools to curl up on and baskets of books nearby for reading. It was great to see reading in the library encouraged, as well as borrowing.  This creative approach to displays, and to encouraging reading was evident throughout the library. There was an awesome display called ‘The Wall of Forgotten Books’ which were books which hadn’t been borrowed in the last ten months. There was a Christmas tree made of books, and my favourite display linking the end of The Year of Reading with the Mayan ‘apocalypse’ – while promoting apocalyptic themed books!

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Logan North Library Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Logan North Library

This felt like a library where passionate people worked. It felt like they wanted people to feel comfortable here, that they honestly loved books and reading and wanted to share that with everyone. The staff were friendly and warm and the library – which could have been quite bland without these efforts – was cosy and inviting. It was the kind of place where you feel at home and you want to return to.

Logan North Library 2 Logan North Library 4

The best parts of Logan North Library

  • The displays
  • The warmth of the staff
  • The huge range of beautiful books
  • The self contained Young Adult section
  • The big audio book range for kids

Important Information about Logan North Library

Corner Sports Drive and Springwood Road, Underwood, Qld,


Open Monday to Saturday. See website for details

Undercover and open parking available.

While we were there . . .

We didn’t stop for long, but this is just one exit up the highway from Ikea. There’s an oval and pool complex right next to the library. Underwood Park, which looks like it’s a fairly close drive away, also looks pretty awesome!



  1. Looks like you’re not too far away from me – waving madly from Cleveland! Funnily enough I am also working on a post about my local library – they are such a great asset to the community – and FREE! 🙂

    1. I actually live up in Pine Rivers, but love the Logan Libraries which I visit when I go to Ikea! I haven’t been to any Redlands Libraries yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

      Let me know when you post your post – I’d love to link to it!

  2. What a great idea to display forgotten books! I love all the windows and the natural light that comes into the library, some libraries can feel so stuffy that don’t have a lot of natural light, the big kids area is great too.

  3. Hi there, what a great post about our library service!! I am currently the young people’s librarian here and loved hearing what you had to say about our services and resources. BTW anyone in Queensland can have one of our library cards, so next time you are in the area, bring some ID and join up and borrow those audiobooks!! We also have a fab selection of ebooks as well :-))

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