The Great Library Tour: Brisbane Square Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Brisbane Square Library

Heading into the City used to be something I did almost every day. Now it’s a special event! Squirm and I had taken the train in to see Santa and thought this was a perfect opportunity to visit the absolutely gorgeous Brisbane Square Library.

Brisbane Square Library is a relatively new library (opened in 2007) which replaced the library behind city hall (which replaced the old library in city hall). It is a three story library, complete with numerous meeting rooms, study rooms and computers, as well as places to watch DVDs, separate kids and young adult areas and tonnes of events. It’s really the centre of the Brisbane Libraries, which is exactly what the library in Brisbane City should be.

The kids section is as beautiful as the rest of the library, but has something I haven’t seen in any other library I’ve been to. Some libraries have no theme through them, others have a simple theme (nature in Caboolture, space at Chermside) This, though, is a children’s section completely designed around one book!

Home, by Narelle Oliver, is the story of a pair of peregrine falcons who take up residence in a city. Based on the real story of Frodo and Frieda, the book was actually written for the library – a book which would both capture something of Brisbane City and could be interpreted into the design of the children’s section. You can definitely see the influence through the children’s section. Pages from the book are framed around the outside, images are throughout the section and there are hangings in the middle of the area with images from the book on them, along with falcons soaring through the air.

home narelle oliver

Along with these decorations, there are slanting windows with their own views out over the city, trees with tables around the base of them, a train tunnel which would be a great place to curl up with a book and lots of comfortable chairs and sofas. I also like that the novels and picture books were on opposite walls – gives slightly older kids a bit of room to select their books and read.

The children’s section seems very popular – it was one of the busiest ones we’ve visited on our tour. There were heaps of families there, and all were having a great time. The books were also excellent – a very large and varied picture book selection, with lots of new books available – I went to grab three to read with Squirm and ended up reading 6 to him!

This is another ‘must-do’ library. It’s a stunning space, and really shows what a modern library can be.

Brisbane Square Library 2 Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Brisbane Square Library

The best parts of Brisbane Square Library

  • A kids area designed around an award winning book written for the project – brilliant!
  • A great range of kids books
  • Lots of comfortable seating

Important Information about Brisbane Square Library

266 George Street
Brisbane City

Website – Check out the website for all the activities happening.

Open all week. See website for details

Best to take public transport (bus, train, ferry) to this one – parking is hideously expensive in the city!


While we were there . . .

Brisbane City around Christmas time is pretty magical. Around lunch time we caught carollers in the centre area. We also checked out the windows at Myers and saw Santa at Santaland. If you’re in the city you can take a walk to the City Botanic Gardens, take a historical walk around, check out the Museum of Brisbane, or head down to the river to catch a City Cat somewhere. There’s also Farmer’s Markets on Wednesdays with lots of great smelling food!



  1. I havn’t heard of this book before. It’s fantastic that the library has an association with it, and it is featured. Looks like a must see if in Brisbane, along with the other great things to do while there.

  2. Did you notice the Brisbane River running through the kid’s area,New Farm Park complete with trees & birdsong & the magic carpet?

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