Weekly Wrap Up – 8 December 2012

Adventures of a Subversive Reader - Weekly Wrap Up

Oh what a busy week! I was going to wrap things up last night, but then I fell asleep feeding the baby!

Smell the Roses

Oh – the trip to Stradbroke Island was an absolute winner. It is such a beautiful place!

What I’ve Been Reading

The complete Trebizon school series for me, Christmas books with Squirm

What I’ve Been Doing

Mr Pilot and I took Squirm over to Stradbroke Island to meet up with a friend for her 40th birthday. Squirm also had his first dip in the ocean then. We had a Christmas party with friends on Sunday night, then suffered through two incredibly hot days. On Wednesday, we popped into the city to see Santa and also saw the Christmas windows and carollers and took a trip to the city library. Thursday was our ABA Christmas picnic and on Friday Mr Pilot stayed home to help get ready for Squirm’s baptism tomorrow!

Favourite Blog Post of the Week

What have you smiled at, read or done this week?


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