Everything I Could Ever Want For Christmas

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the things I really want for Christmas. Since then the lovely Jess from Essentially Jess started a meme of epic proportions – if you could have ANYTHING, what would you like for Christmas? I’ve been tagged at least three times, but it’s been such a week that I haven’t managed to post until now. So here’s my ‘anything I want’ post . . .

1. Mr Pilot to have one of his dream jobs

Mr Pilot would really love to work at restoring classic World War One and World War Two aeroplanes. This would be an awesome job in so many ways! So if Santa could just drop this perfect job in our laps, we’d really like that.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader

2. Unlimited Travel Around the World

In the last 5 years we’ve been to New Zealand twice and to Japan once. (Mr Pilot has also been to Malaysia, South Africa and Mozambique, but that was for work and he didn’t do much touring) I’d love, love, love to see Europe and to go back to the United States and Canada (my parents took me when I was 12). And I think we could spend months in New Zealand. Of course, all our family would have to be included in the unlimited travel, so my sister in law could go back to Japan to see her family whenever she wanted and my mother in law could spend her own months in New Zealand which she loved when she was there earlier in the year 🙂

Adventures of a Subversive Reader

3. A Magical Library

My own personal library (with a sliding ladder, of course) with all the books I could ever want to read. But like the Tardis, it’s bigger on the inside 🙂

4. A Personal Stylist

I’m daggy and I know it. But I don’t really want to be daggy – I want to be fabulous and comfortable! Somewhere along the line I just missed getting any kind of fashion sense. So my own personal stylist would be awesome, please.

5. Crafting Time

I love to craft, but I just never seem to have the time to do it properly! I’d like some of that time please 🙂

And a wish for others.

This is a big one. I’d love every child in the world to be loved, clothed, fed and educated. I’d love it if every child in the world could experience books and travel and dream jobs when they grow up. I want every child to be happy.

I don’t think there’s anyone left to tag! But feel free to tag yourself (leave your blog address in the comments) and do the meme and I’ll link to you in next week’s weekly round up!



  1. Now I wish I had added unlimited travel around the world to my list – I swear my list gets bigger every time I read another 🙂
    Becc via Christmas Blog linky

  2. I knew you’d be up for the challenge. I’m on board with the overseas travel. Its one of my regrets that I didn’t do the travel thing in my 20s. Dadabulous and I will have to join the hoards of grey nomads.

  3. Lovely wishes. The magical library’s a good one. I’ve always wanted the kind that looks like a regular bookshelf but when you push on one particular spine and a door opens and voila, hidden room … you know how it goes!

  4. Awesome wish list! I could use that personal stylist too. Can she just come over and lay out my clothes for me and make look pretty but comfortable?

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