Four Months Old: A Letter to Squirm

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: 4 Months

Dear Squirm,

You’re four months old today! Now I can stop telling people that you’re nearly four months πŸ™‚

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been finding myself amazed at how long you are – you’re nearly as tall as your 11 month old friend. Your father and I keep remembering how small you were, how you used to curl up on our chests. Now you’ve started wrapping your arms around our necks when we hold you. We’re terribly thankful for the slings and wraps now – it’s the only way we can hold you for long periods of times. We have two new wraps now – a woven and a Manduca which let us carry you on our backs – something you really love.

You want to be involved with everything at the moment. You want to sit up with us when we eat and you are fascinated when you watch us do household tasks like washing the dishes or hanging clothes on the line. You laugh at some of these tasks, which definitely makes them easier to complete. You laugh at the funniest times now, but almost always at home. You’re not a big fan of laughing away from home!

You’re also even more involved with your toys. You love your giraffe still, but you’ve started to play with some of your blocks and some new toys with mirrors in them. We’ve also bought some squirting toys for the bath, which you absolutely love.

You were sleeping through most the night until about a week ago, where you hit your four month sleep regression. You’ve been waking at three, like someone’s set an alarm. When we go and get you, you’re usually in all sorts of funny positions – the other night you were completely upside down in your cot! Luckily the sleep regression has been matched with an increase with daytime naps which I sometimes share with you!

You keep on charming people, even just random people passing you on the street. You’re so smily at people – they can’t help but say hello to you. You had your photo with Santa yesterday, and you just smiled at the camera the whole time!

Everything is still going into your mouth! We think we’re getting closer to teeth – you get very upset and frustrated at times, and only gumming on something seems to make you feel better. It’s not nice when you’re upset like that, but luckily, you seem to feel better pretty quickly.

Your big step this last month has been sitting unsupported. You have to support yourself on your hands, but you really love looking at the word in a different way. You Β are really rolling from front to back a lot, and you are very, very close to rolling from back to front.

We’re still reading to you lots and taking you to lots of libraries. You’ve started to reach for books yourself, and you turn the pages on board books, though not always the right way. Your father gave you a catalogue the other day which you pulled to pieces πŸ™‚

It’s been such a lovely month together and I can’t wait for the exciting month ahead.



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    1. Yes I agree with you Kirsty, such a lovely age. Makes me wish we had written letters to our 4 kids at that age, just to remember all the special things they do/did

  1. Lovely memoirs for Squirm. It is wonderful when they put thier arms around your neck. It is easy to forget when and what they did at an age, this is fantastic πŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous! Love this age! They’re starting to be so aware and learning to communicate. These letters are going to be wonderful when looking back πŸ™‚

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