The Great Library Tour: Caboolture Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Caboolture Library

From almost the start of this project, there’s been one library everyone’s recommended. This week, I finally made the trip north and checked out the Caboolture Library – and it was every bit as impressive as people said it was.

The Caboolture Library is just under a year old and is part of a community building known as The Hub. Also in The Hub is an Art Gallery, music rooms, meeting rooms and art studios, as well as a cafe. The library is right in the middle of Caboolture, easily accessible by car and public transport.

One of the things I liked most about the library was how it brought different elements together. There was a number of small lounges, a local and family history room, a reference section, quiet room, indigenous section, young adult lounge and a kids section, but although each area had their own ‘feel’, the library did not feel disjointed. It seemed to come together as a whole. I particularly liked the history room, which looked like an old fashioned reading room, and the reference section desks, which also had that old world feel to them.

The children’s section was similarly impressive (and very separate from the Young Adult section, which I really liked – give young adults an identity of their own). Decorated in greens and neutral colours (my favourite colours in a children’s section, I think), there is a nature feel to the whole area. The section (which is almost a separate wing from the rest of the library), looks out with big windows over the courtyard and playground inside, the board book holders have insects cut outs on them and there is a really cool kids ‘hide out’ which is topped off with green fabric.

The section itself consists of three main areas – the books, which are off to one side, a big area with small and bigger tables (nice to have tables for bigger kids to work at) and another big area which contains board books and the hideout, as well as a big carpeted area, with tiered couches and couches around the outside of the wall. Next to the tiered couches is a big toy chest full of blocks and very cool puzzles to play with.

In the book area there were a lot of books facing out, as well as some really well chosen books on display. A lot of the books were fairly new, and it was hard to keep to a limit when borrowing. The staff here were so friendly and fabulous – they really took care of us, especially when Squirm got his latest reading certificate.

Some of the libraries I’ve been to have great kids sections, but somehow don’t extend the same friendly feel to the rest of the library. Caboolture is a library I could easily spend hours at – I even ended up borrowing books when I’d promised myself I would’t (curse their lovely displays). I totally understand why it came so highly recommended, and I highly recommend you visit it if you ever get the chance.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Caboolture Library


The best parts of Caboolture Library

  • The wonderful natural feel to the kids section
  • The friendly and helpful staff
  • The great selection of books
  • The big range of toys also for lending – must check them out further next time!

Important Information about Caboolture Library

4 Hasking Street


Open Monday to Saturday. See website for details

Parking available at a covered car park off Hasking Street. Very close to public transport. There’s a toilet available in the children’s section.Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Caboolture LibraryAdventures of a Subversive Reader: Caboolture Library

While we were there . . .

We checked out the awesome art gallery right next door to the library. If you get there in the next two weeks you can catch The Architect’s Eye: The John Mainwaring Collection – it’s a collection of art works collected by Mainwaring and how they have influenced his work – it was simply breathtaking. There are a number of galleries and their work changes fairly regularly.

There was also a really lovely cafe there. If you have older kids the playground outside is also nice. While you’re in the Caboolture area, you might also want to check out the revamped historical museum or the nearby Abbey Museum.



  1. We love the Caboolture library – it was being re-done while we were living up there and housed in another building, but the new library is fantastic. (And I always have a problem not borrowing too… the temptation is too much!) I haven’t checked out the cafe or art gallery, but the kids love the playground. A plan for christmas. Coffee and books Yum. Now do I still have my card?

    1. It’s a real excursion. I think when Squirm gets older, I’ll have to meet my parents there and get them to look after him while I sit and pretend to be literary in the reference section πŸ™‚

  2. Still loving your library tour, I am one of the many who recommended this one. Our four kids were all excited by this library.
    Looking forward to getting back there soon.
    We also tried out the cafe and playground and were impressed by both.

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