Weekly Wrap Up – 30 November 2012

A few things from this week

Smell the Roses

So many good things this week! Yummy cupcakes, organic food, talking with wonderful people, sending out the invitations for Squirm’s Baptism, finding Squirm’s baptism outfit (thank goodness), and visiting an awesome library and art gallery!

On that last point, if you can get to Caboolture, go and check out their art gallery (next to the library). It is an amazing space and the exhibition I saw was absolutely brilliant – and is showing for another couple of weeks. The upcoming exhibitions also look really good, so I’m hoping to get up and see them soon.


What I’ve Been Reading

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and Kiss Me! by Carlos Gonzalos for me. Let’s Go, Baby-o! by Janet and Andrew McLean, My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall and Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle for Squirm


What I’ve Been Doing

After a really busy week last week, we took things a bit easier this week. On Monday I headed north to the much recommended Caboolture Library (which will be reviewed on Monday) before stopping by Spotlight (yay!) on the way home. Tuesday was the Bloggers Brunch and then over to Mother’s Direct to buy some books and a new carrier for Mr Pilot. Wednesday was calm (or not so much) at home, and yesterday I escaped the heat for a while in the shopping centre.


Favourite Blog Posts of the Week

  • Libraries are for Everyone – Even Babies : This isn’t a new article, it’s one I researched for a blog post earlier in the week. I love it!
  • I’d Be Happy to be a Scuba Diver by Mountains and Musings. This really resonated with me. I need a new phone (mine is 4 years old and dying), and a smart phone would be ideal, but I am worried about how wrapped up I would get with it
  • My Strict Magazine Rules from Edenland. This made me laugh so much! I am awful with this – I hate it when my husband flicks through my Good Reading magazine before I’ve read it from cover to cover. And don’t even ask what he and Squirm did to the Spotlight catalogue!
  • December Photo a Day by Fat Mum Slim. I’m doing this for the first time – maybe December isn’t the best month to try, what with Christmas and my birthday, but it’s totally worth a try!

What have you smiled at, read or done this week?



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