Considering Organic: What I Learned at a Bloggers Brunch

The cool place tags at our table. The event was held at Wrays Organic and the food was awesome!

At the beginning of this week, I really didn’t know much about organic food. I mean, I knew that it existed, I knew I had friends who preferred to buy organic when they could, I knew it was there in the shops. But I’d always kind of shrugged it off as something that would be nice to do, but it wasn’t essential or anything.

Then, on Tuesday, I attended the Bloggers Brunch organised by Blogs and PR and Birds of Prey PR on behalf of Sunraysia Juice. We were there to learn more about Sunraysia’s new Organic Juices, and to learn a little more about organic food and farming – and to have some great coffee and food! We were lucky enough to have Rob Bauer from Bauer’s Organic Farm attending to tell us more about organic food and farming – and this is where my eyes were really opened.

Rob has been involved in farming pretty much his whole life and he is one of the pioneers in organic farming in Australia. He moved to organic farming in the early 1980s after becoming uncomfortable with selling produce which had been sprayed with chemicals, and the effect that those chemicals might be having on the people exposed to them. Instead of using chemicals, he turned back to a way of farming which had been working for hundreds of years before chemicals were introduced – working with the soil and nature to produce the best possible result.

It dawned on me pretty quick that there were a lot of benefits of moving across to organic food, especially as Squirm will be eating solids in a few months. The chemicals which are used on non organic crops are pretty scary, and I would really like to move away from them as much as possible. But the biggest problem for me, and one of the reasons I’d always dismissed organic food as too hard, was there was no organic food shops in my area and I thought organic food would be too hard to find.

That’s where companies like Sunraysia come in. Sunraysia have been involved in juices for a long time, and felt that it was a natural progression into organic juices. They’ve created a juice which has nothing added – no artificial colours or flavours, no chemical pesticides, no genetic modification and no added sugars or preservatives – and nothing taken away from the fruit. It’s ‘lunch box sized’ in a foil pouch and – importantly – is being sold in major supermarkets – making it easier for people like me to find it.

Since Squirm isn’t old enough to be drinking juice yet, Mr Pilot and I took on the task of taste testing the juice. It comes in four flavours – orange, tropical, apple, and apple and blackcurrant and both of us have been really enjoying the strong flavours present in the juice, as well as how easy it was to eat. I also threw a couple in the freezer, which was brilliant in yesterday’s heat. The foil pack is much easier to open when frozen then the old poppers were!

I think one of the biggest mental barriers for me, when it came to organic food, was that I was thinking you could only buy it in the ‘special’ aisle, and that would be a bit of a pain. However, I visited my local Woolies yesterday and found that a lot of the organic products are in the same area as the other products – it just takes a few more seconds to look for them, rather than reaching for the familiar. Sunraysia Organic Juices are the same – they’re in the same aisle as other juices and ‘poppers’ and easy to throw into the shopping trolley to try out.

So, all in all, I had a wonderful time at the Bloggers Brunch, and I definitely learned a lot more about organic food. I think it’s a subject I’m going to take the time to research more about – which you can do by joining the Bud Organic Club – and which I’ll probably write more about in the future.


Do you buy organic food? Where do you get it from?


A couple of the juices. Mr Pilot is particularly fond of the Tropical

I was a guest at the Bloggers Brunch and received some Sunraysia Organic Juice to try, but my opinions are entirely my own.



  1. Wasn’t it sooo interesting? I went to the one in Sydney and seriously, I was awed and inspired. Nutrition is something I thought I knew a lot about and yet the whole organic side of things has escaped my attention.
    Wow, was all I could say 🙂
    Becc via #FYBF

    1. I recommend the Bud Club for learning more – they’re really trying to get more information out there.

      I was shopping at Woolworths yesterday and managed to get some affordable organic food 🙂

    1. The place settings were so cool 🙂 The juice is so worth it – last night, Mr Pilot came home, opened the fridge and got out his favourite flavour straight away – it’s a real winner here!

  2. I went to the Sydney event too and I was pretty horrified by what is in some foods!! I really thought I was pretty good at what I give my kids. I’ll definitely be moving organic from now on x

  3. Hello, I do like buying organic food, especially meat and I get most of it in Woollies. That’s not so much a health as an animal welfare issue for me really. We eat less meat than most, I’d think, so probably don’t spend any more money on meat. I just want to eat animals that have had a jolly life! Organic fruit and veg is good too, but not getting any regularly at the mo.

  4. Only problem I have with the Sunraysia Organic juices are they are not made in Australia. We have such great fruit here and farmers working hard I would love this to be an all Australian product.

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