The Great Library Tour: North Lakes Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader

North Lakes is the kind of library that should have been completely awesome to visit. It was large, big windows with lots of light, funky looking bookshelves in the kids sections. But something was just ‘off’ in the feeling of the library. Something made it into a place I probably wouldn’t want to spend too long at.

Maybe it’s because it’s a temporary library. North Lakes Library used to be located on the Corso, right near the shopping centre in what would probably be called the ‘heart’ of North Lakes (which is a developer created suburb in Moreton Bay Region). Recently, the library was sold to Education Queensland and now forms a second campus for the massive North Lakes school. (I believe their seniors work out of there). The Library was moved to a temporary home, the second floor of a commercial building, while they wait for a new one to be built. (I’m also a little miffed that the building of a new library to replace a new building will go ahead before Strathpine gets their new library – which is desperately needed. Tells you a little about which parts of Moreton Bay Region are more valued.)

Maybe it was that the non-fiction area seemed kind of sparse? Some nice books, but not a lot of them.

Then there was the children’s section. It should have been great. Lovely big, purpose built, facing out bookshelves for the picture books, forming little alcoves which should have been perfect to curl up into. Neatly organised shelves for the children’s novels, young adults books and children’s non-fiction, with cool stripy shelf ends. Big sofas and a range of small chairs. And toys.

Except the toys were the problem. They were everywhere, spread in all directions across the floor. There was no one there playing with them, it was just a mess, and a slightly dangeous one at that. It was also something I’d never seen at any other library. In the other libraries with toys, the toys were kept neatly and safely, creating a feeling of pride which was missing in the North Lakes children’s section.

So somehow, this was the library which should have ticked all the right boxes, but managed to feel pretty uninviting. I’ll be interested to see what the new library looks like when it gets rebuilt, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to this one.

The best parts of North Lakes Library

  • Lots of sofas
  • Bookshelves facing outwards for picture books

Important Information about North Lakes Library

5 Discovery Drive,

Open seven days a week. See website for details.

Parking available.

While we were there . . .

We’d just come from Redcliffe (which is a quick drive away), so we didn’t stay long. There is a big shopping centre a couple of streets over. I believe there’s also some nice walking paths in the area. There’s not much around the general area of the library – it feels like a very commercial area.



  1. It’s like it is just storage space while the new one is being built, no atmosphere or excitement. It is good that the resource is there for people who need to use it, hopefully it doesn’t take too long for the new library to be built.

    1. It almost felt like someone had put the effort in to start with, but then the enthusiasm died. I think they have the funding to start building pretty soon. Hopefully then they’ll get to Strathpine

  2. I used to go the old North Lakes library quite a bit with our playgroup, but we’ve never found it as comfortable since they moved. Also it’s not as easy to do shopping or have coffee near by. I’ve also always wondered why more of these suburban libraries don’t offer wireless access and study space. The only place for that at North Lakes is in the ‘common area’ which is noisy. Hopefully they’ll consider some of that in the rebuild too, given that funding seems to be in the bag already.

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