Squirm’s First Christmas: Sorting the Presents

Squirm will be four and a half months old for his first Christmas. This mean that he won’t have a lot of understanding of what’s going on. Nevertheless, though some parts of this Christmas will be more for us than him, there are some traditions that we want to put in place from the beginning. One of these is to do with presents.

You may have seen some people talking about presents for children with “Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read”. This is similar to our ideas. No doubt, Squirm will get plenty of lovely presents this year, but we don’t necessarily want to add to that pile – we don’t want to live in a glut of toys (we don’t have the room for that) and we want Squirm to grow up understanding that Christmas is about more than presents.

Our presents will be slightly different though. We’ll give a toy (something he wants), an outfit (hopefully made by me), a book (from Santa) and a donation in his name. (We’ll choose a different one each year. This year we’ll give to the hospital where he was born and spent time in special care)

Of course, with that sorted, it was time to think about toys. We knew we wanted

  • something that’ll last
  • a preference to natural materials
  • something that’ll allow him to use his brain
  • something which can be used in more than one way

With that sorted, it was time to do some searching online


Greek Alphabet Blocks from Honeybee Toys

These are gorgeous. I love the colours, and the Greek alphabet makes me laugh because I studied Ancient Greek language at university. Problem is, this is more like a present for me, than for Squirm. Maybe if I stick it on my list . . .?



Soopsori Rattle Blocks from Tree Frog Toys


These are gorgeous and meet any possibly criteria when it comes to being environmentally friendly. The only problem is, Squirm has lots of rattles already, and probably doesn’t need any more, even if they’re as lovely as these.



Im Toy Tutti Tunes from Hello Charlie


Now this looks like a heap of fun. Of course, my sister has already promised (threatened) to buy some instruments for Squirm, and I wouldn’t want to steal her thunder.


Of course, I finally found the perfect present. What is it? Well, you’ll just have to wait until Christmas to find out 🙂

What present traditions did you have as a kid? What present traditions does your family have now?


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