Putting Things Aside

Squirm on the day he came home from hospital

On Sunday, I finally did something I’ve put off for at least a week. I moved Squirm up to the next size of clothing.

It was overdue. I was pulling his outfits into unnatural shapes to make them close. And the way he is growing, he was definitely ready to fit into the 00 sized clothes rather than the 000. But still I ignored the task, putting it behind other things I just had to do.

The act of packing up his clothes was terribly sad. It reminded me that Squirm was growing older, that he would never again be the squishy, almost inanimate baby he was when he first came home. The clothes he was wearing were among the first clothes he wore, some of them comically big for the first few weeks before he filled them out. The clothes he’d grown out of included the outfit he wore home from hospital, a lovely yellow onesie with a jumping frog on the front.

There’s more than just watching Squirm grow older. After having so much trouble falling pregnant with him, there’s a nagging thought, lurking at the back of my mind, that he might be the only child we have. We might never see another baby of our own wear these lovely clothes.

So, I took them out of his drawers, one piece at a time. I held them for a moment, then said goodbye, folding them carefully and placing them into a plastic tub.

Then I picked up his new clothes, admiring how cool some of them are, and placed them in his drawers.

Squirm in one of his new outfits



  1. Oh my gosh, he is just the sweetest, most handsome little boy. I feel this way every time Mia grows out of something, I hate packing it away, especially those first few onesies she wore, that were and still are my most favourite clothes she has worn. She’ll be one next week, and I looked at the dress she wore home from the hospital on the weekend, still hanging in the wardrobe, and just could not believe she was ever that tiny! It just goes way too fast!

  2. What a little spunk! lol
    I know, it’s so sad putting their little clothes away. They grow out of them way too fast! I’m currently emptying my youngest’s drawers of size 3 and 4 and putting them with all the baby clothes that I refuse to get rid of yet. I’m still hoping that we might have number 3 πŸ™‚

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