The Great Library Tour: Beerwah Library

Beerwah is the closest library to my parent’s house, so I knew I’d make it there sooner rather than later. It was opened before I left home, but wasn’t part of my childhood (the Caloundra City Council mobile library on the other hand . . . )

The library is now part of a complex with a community hall and the entrance is on a wooden deck with a pathway that leads out to a nearby park. Under the deck, and around the back of the library is a lovely pond, filled with waterlilies. When you enter the library, you realise that the water has been incorporated into the design of the library, with a wall of windows filling up that side of the library and the pond feeling like a natural extension. The library itself isn’t as big as Redcliffe or Logan Central, but it’s well organised and generally feels uncluttered.

The children’s section is in the back corner, sitting alongside the windows. The children’s section felt completely different to any of the others we’ve been to. Most of the children’s sections in libraries are very reliant on primary colour schemes, with some green and purple thrown in if you’re lucky. Some of them can look like a paint shop exploded over the place. Beerwah seemed to take a different approach, with the main influences of green and naturals. There was a green rug and a green table, as well as natural wooden book displays and a wooden cupboard. The whole effect, along with the windows looking out on the green outside, made the whole place feel very nature inspired. This was complemented with paintings of animals arranged along the wall.

The table contained colouring pencils and a folder of colouring sheets. There was also a low desk with computers for children and two comfortable sofas. But my favourite part of the children’s section was how they’d arranged the picture books. In most libraries, picture books are arranged in low boxes with maybe some in shelves. Here, at Beerwah, the books were arranged on a series of shallow shelves, all facing outwards. In my experience, books facing with the cover out make them much more likely to be read, so this was an excellent idea.

What it did mean, though, was that there may not have been as many books as there were at some of the other libraries (though it would have been a comparable amount to some of the smaller libraries. I know Beerwah has a pretty quick turnover of books – they had old library books for sale near the front door. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not – one of the best things about libraries is finding the old treasures that other people might have overlooked, but if every book was kept, there’d never be any room for new books. What are your feelings on book turnover?

The library as a whole felt quite inviting. There was a real buzz in the place when we were there, and a lot of things to do if you were to spend a bit of time there. In an area with relatively low levels of public transport, I have a feeling that teenagers might spend some time here while waiting for a pick up – it would be a great place to wait, with a chess board, magazines and video games in the young adults area. There’s also lots of hand crafted touches in the library, with my favourite being the giant quilted hanging above the circulation desk.

The best parts of Beerwah Library

  • The view over the water
  • Natural feel
  • The original art work on the walls
  • The picture books all on display

Important Information about Beerwah Library

Open Monday to Saturday

Lots of available parking

Toilets and a change table available

While we were there . . .

We went and saw my parents 🙂 I also drove through Beerwah itself, which has managed to both change and seem exactly the same in the last four years. There’s an interesting looking book shop on Simpson Street, but the other shops seem pretty day to day. There’s new and different food shops (for a town that used to only have a fish and chip shop when we were kids), but we didn’t have time to check them out.

If you are in the area, a lot of people head to Australia Zoo, just up the road. A drive around the Glasshouse Mountains area is also worthwhile – and the bottom part of Mt Ngun Ngun is pretty easy, even for children. You could also head up the winding Peachester Range and check out tiny Peachester up the top.



  1. Look at all the water around the library! That is so unique. Displaying the kids books like that is awesome for the kids, makes it easy for them to choose and is much more inticing. Love all the animal prints.

  2. Wow. Thats an awesome looking library!!. Took me a while to work out why Beerwah sounded familiar then I realised its where Australia zoo is!!

  3. Wow – what a lovely library! I particularly love the water around it – how relaxing to look out over that! Hope there isn’t an escaped croc from Australia Zoo lurking in those waters! LOL Our local library is pretty ordinary but apparently a new one is going to be built and I’m very excited about that because I use the library a lot!

  4. The Beerwah Library is our local – they have a great story time for Toddlers (1-5yrs) at 10.30am on Tuesdays. The Librarian who takes it is gorgeous!
    You’re right about Beerwah – it’s coming ahead. Three sets of lights now, an Indian restaurant and a noodle bar – who would have thought!

    1. You’re up near my parents 🙂

      I remember when Beerwah was just one street and everyone shopped at Wimberly’s – the one grocery shop. When they turned the first traffic light on, everyone on the train rushed over to have a look out the window . . . 🙂 Back then, the library was the Mobile library on Saturday mornings

  5. Great post about the Beerwah library. My family are library nuts and this is our local too which is always on our visit list for home schooling lessons. Also check out the fantastic ones at Cooroy and Caboolture (new)

    1. There’s something special about new libraries to visit 🙂 I always like hearing that there’s other library nuts out there

      Everyone keeps telling me to get to Caboolture. Might have to go there the week after next 🙂

      1. Hi,

        Phil again, I’m loving your library tour, keep it going please. It’s funny but we have recently started home schooling and when I mentioned it to a retired teacher I know, she was very excited for us and said we should start a library crawl, sort of like a pub brawl but a bit less beer. If you find the time I would love to hear your opinion of a website about your old local area. It is called

        I’m looking forward to your next library post and it has inspired us to go visit some of them to continue to immerse our kids in the wonderful world of books.

        Phil and Kim

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