My Growing Obsession With T2

It started with an upset stomach.

My coffee had failed me. It was no longer giving me the pleasant buzz I so needed. Instead it was leaving me feeling heavy and uncomfortable. I had to find an alternative.

I never intended to enter the shop. I was only in the city for a little while and I had two clear tasks to fulfil – visit Kikki K and visit the ABC shop. But on my way from one to the other, the T2 store stood out.

The staff were in the middle of rearranging the store, but still I was immediately served. When I mentioned that I was looking for a low or no caffeine alternative, they took their time to show me different things and to explain anything I didn’t know. I left with a low caffeine tea and a couple of samples.

I found myself in the city a few days later and received the same awesome service and some awesome tea.

Then I found T2 online. And an offer for free delivery was made. So I bought more tea. And a tin. And some cool label magnets.

When the box arrived, I was amazed. It was beautifully wrapped, wrapped with such care that I had to check if I’d paid for special wrapping. It turned out that I hadn’t paid extra – this was just a care that is so often missing in our shopping.

Look mum! A parcel as big as me!

Beautiful wrapping inside!

And then a box which held everything – which was wrapped in tissue paper inside!

As for the tea. Well, I love Red Earl Grey which is a Rooibos – a South Aftrican brew which isn’t actually tea at all. I tend to drink it in the late afternoon or evening because it doesn’t have any caffeine at all and won’t affect my sleep. I’m also in love with the Brisbane Breakfast tea which actually has a mango taste to it (!) and the  Fruitalicious tisanes is brilliant warm and I look forward to trying it as an iced tea.

To seal how impressed I was – a day after my parcel arrived I received an email checking that everything had arrived ok. Not asking me to do anything, just letting me know that if there was any problems, to let them know and they’d fix it. This is how internet shopping does customer service well, and it’s something some of the bigger ‘real’ stores would do well to learn from.

My lovely tea!

(Note: This is not a sponsored post. I’m just really this obsessed)



  1. That box is a very impressive parcel….I don’t drink real tea at all but I LOVE herbal tea and have about fifty cups a day, all of them different….starting with green with jasmine at breakfast (after my 2 short blacks to kick start my brain) and finishing with sleepytime before bed…

  2. Once again I’m amazed by what’s available on the mainland… I didn’t even know there was a whole T2 store (some shops stock part of their range down here) but it’s good to know it’s available online. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Duuuuuuude! Somehow I have managed to live in blissful ignorance of this shop you call T2. That ignorance has now been informed and I think I am about to spend a weeks pay buying tea. My taste-buds thank you but my wallet (and husband!) hate you!

    1. If you can pop into one of their shops, they usually have lovely samples out to try. That’d give you a little hit, without buying anything 🙂 (You also get a couple of samples when you join their loyalty program)

  4. Hmm, I haven’t had T2 for ages, and you’ve just resparked my interest. I can’t do caffeine either – unless I want to stay up all night for the next 3 nights or so!

  5. YUM, you’ve almost inpired me to drop my regular morning coffee – I say almost as I love the idea of tea but love the EFFECT of coffee. Roibos is supposed to be really great for your system though – hmm maybe have to pop out and get some samples 😉

  6. with an english father, and an english husband it was bound to happen that I’d only drink tea. I bought a beautiful cup and saucer from T2, and a tin full of chai (which I hate), but maybe it’s time to browse the online store

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