Three Months Old: A Letter to Squirm

Dear Squirm,

Three months old. A quarter of a year old. I feel like this is a milestone month, but since I don’t really read about what each month brings, I’m not really sure why. Maybe now I stop referring to your age in weeks, and start adopting months?

You’ve continued to grow strongly during the last month. You’ve become chubbier around your arms and legs and we’ve had to be extra careful when we give you a bath to make sure we wash all those little places. You’ve become heavier too, and I find myself popping you in the sling whenever I need to carry you around, because it supports your weight much better than my arms can.

I noticed, the other day, that you play a lot more now. I can lay on my back and balance you on my legs and you love it. You give me the hugest grin and, if I’m lucky, a beautiful laugh. The laugh is a new thing this month, and you’re still perfecting it, but it’s pure magic when we hear it. (Though why do you find folding nappies so funny?)

You continue to sleep for longer at night, but you also seem to have cracked the ‘nap code’ and most days you get at least one longer sleep. The days that you don’t seem to drag on forever, so I find myself doing all sorts of things (ok, wearing you) so you’ll sleep.

You helped us celebrate lots of birthdays in the last month – Poppa, Daddy’s, Heather’s, Auntie Barb’s and Grandma’s. You managed to charm a lot of people who hadn’t seen you before, and it’s a bit of a race when we visit family to see who will hold you first. I’m not sure you quite get the whole candles and singing thing yet.

You’re still very alert and into mobiles, but you’ve also started putting everything in your mouth. Hands, toys, burp cloths, wraps – everything goes in there at the moment! I ended up buying you some small round rattles from Ikea which fit all your needs – sound, something to grip onto and just the right size to go in your mouth! Occasionally you roll a little bit, but most of the time you’re too busy putting things in your mouth!

We’re still reading lots to you, including the Engibear book which your father bought for you. I feel like I should be finding a teacher book, but it just wouldn’t compete with a story about a teddy bear that’s also an engineer. You’ve started babbling when we read and you reach for the pages – but only the right side, like you’re trying to turn the page! You also play with your soft book that your grand Aunt and Uncle bought you.

It’s been a great month, filled with lots of lovely moments together. I look forward to the next month!




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  1. What a gorgeous baby. Three months is a big milestone, such huge changes and no longer a newborn 🙂 Reading this post makes me even more excited to be expecting our second baby, I can’t wait to go through it all again.

  2. What a gorgeous photo. Lovely letter. How nice will it be when Squirm is older/ has babies, and wants to know about life as baby Squirm? Another reminder to finish my 12 month letter to my son- it’s 2 weeks overdue!

  3. He’s getting a real little boys face now. Lovely to get giggles now and so cute when they start doing funny things like trying to turn pages! This is a wonderful idea to write letters, it’s easy to forget all the things they did and when.

    1. Yeah, not too many people ask if he’s a girl, even when he’s wrapped in a ruby ring sling 🙂 I love the way he reacts to books now – he tried to eat his first one last night 🙂

  4. That’s very sweet. It’s nice that you are documenting all these things. I didn’t write anything down and my memory is completely shot. My eldest was trawling through videos on my iPhone last night and found some vids from about a year ago of her two little sisters that were very cute and funny. Now I just need to back them up so I have SOMETHING to show them when they are older 🙂

  5. What a beautiful letter! My second is only a month behind Squirm, so it’s like reading what (hopefully) my next month will be like in advance 🙂

  6. How sweet! Absorb every moment, it flies by at lightning speed!
    And haha, the mouthing, ah the mouthing, it drives me crazy. My boys always ask (in reference to their sister) “Mum, WHY does she have to put EVERYTHING in her mouth?” lol.

  7. I love it when babies suddenly become interesting, interacting with you and the world around you just makes them become this whole new and beautiful person. Love it, happy 3 months!

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