A weekend off is as good as a holiday

So, over the weekend I barely looked at the blog. I looked at a couple of comments, and wrote down a few ideas for posts and just stayed away. Instead of obsessing over what I must post right now, I:

  • Visited family
  • Read a book
  • Went for a walk with Squirm
  • Went to church
  • Read to Squirm
  • Played with Squirm
  • Sat on the front lawn, watching the beautiful blue sky with Squirm while waiting for Mr Pilot to come home from his flying lesson.

And I finished the weekend more relaxed and happy than I have been in a couple of weeks.

The problem is, whenever I start blogging I want it all immediately. I spend ages obsessing over how other people do it, hours throwing myself into social media, endless energy worrying about whether I’m doing things ‘right’. It’s not healthy for me.

Instead, I was able to take the weekend to think about why I started the blog and what I wanted from it.

I started it to record the Library tour. I thought it would give me the motivation to keep going with a massive project and have a little fun along the way.

So, what do I want now? I still want that motivation and I want to write.

I don’t need to think about making money from the blog, especially if worrying about that takes time away from spending time with Squirm. If that comes up down the line, that’s great. But for now I want to concentrate on writing the best possible posts. I want to become a better writer – someone who writes things that make people stop and think every now and again. Down the track I have some ideas for some ebooks, and I’d love to learn more about writing them. I want to keep to the basic plan I came up with last week. And I want to keep the weekends as free as possible to spend time with Squirm and Mr Pilot.

It’s no good being a life blogger if I don’t get out there and live life. I can’t be a life blogger if my life is spent at a computer or spent obsessing over page views.

I need to get out and live!



  1. Good for you. It’s definitely helpful to step out once in a while. Life is busy enough without stressing about the blog as well. It’s supposed to be fun. Hope you’ve returned to blog-land with a clear head after your lovely weekend.

    1. I have 🙂 I also have around 4 weeks of blog posts planned, which is just downright scary. I’m really excited about putting all my attention into writing though (and reading other blogs, of course)

  2. I’ve been struggling with this too. On one hand I need to put time into networking and getting my blog known. On the other hand I need time to write and plan for my blog. AND…in order to have real life stuff to blog about I need time off the computer to actually live and to do my home projects etc. It does all get a little overwhelming at times. There is much to learn in the blogosphere. I try for a computer/social networking break on weekends – however am committed to my daily 365 photo’s. I’m working on finding the right balance 🙂

  3. Yes, it can be a tricky balance between real life and blogging. But you eventually find a way for each to compliment the other. Most important thing, I’ve found is to not be disheartened by how others are doing. It’s your blog, your story and ideas. That’s all that matters.

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