Smelling the Roses: The Redcliffe Edition

Each week I post about something that makes me smile.

Some days I forget how lucky I am to live where I live. Sure, those are usually the days when they neighbours are having a competition to see how loud they can yell expletives at each other. But then I remember how close I am to some truly awesome places. Like just an hour from my parents in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Half an hour out to gorgeous Dayboro. And about 20 minutes (if the lights go my way) to the stunning Redcliffe.

That’s where Squirm and I found ourselves this week. After visiting their magnificent library, we wandered the main street, then went for a short walk along the water. Absolutely stunning. Then we drove through Scarborough to come back home. It was well and truly worth getting stuck in the storm on the way home!



  1. Ahh you are a lucky lady indeed. I love that part of the world. Perpetually warm, and perhaps more relaxed and friendly too? I think as I sit here in Sydney with goosebumps all over. x

  2. Not sure exactly where you live, but 20 years ago I spent a year living on the Gold Coast. I thought I was going to be miserable, and I was for a few weeks, then I met “my people” and had a fantastic time. We were also nice and close to one of my favourite places – the Gold Coast hinterland (hinterland ANYWHERE is kind of perfect)!

  3. Sometimes being a SAHM with a small bubba totally doesn’t suck! I mean would you rather be in some boring office or strolling by the seaside. Then you have a sleepless night and it kinda sux again!

  4. Awww… that looks awesome! Currently it is about -3° outside and when I get up for work in the mroning I will have to defrost my car! Saying that I do love where I live. Scotland can be stunning despite the unpredictable (and cold) weather!

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