What Makes Me A Life Blogger


Nearly 13 weeks ago, my life changed forever with the birth of my lovely son. It didn’t take long to realise that we’d be doing thing very differently from now on. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with him most the time, but I knew one thing – I wanted him to appreciate books.

As we quickly made our way through the considerable large pile of books we owned at home, I knew that I wanted more. And I knew that Mr Pilot would not be too impressed if I kept buying them. So I started thinking about libraries. Then I started thinking about how much I like libraries. And how I should visit all the libraries. And then blog about them.

And that’s how this blog was started.

I’ve blogged before. I’ve blogged about teaching and readers workshop and began one before we were pregnant. But this one would be different, I realised, because I wouldn’t be talking about one specialised subject. Instead, I’d create a place where I got to talk about all my passions. And maybe some people would want to come along.

So far I’ve written about motherhood and the upheaval of becoming a mother. I’ve talked about books I’ve read and books I’ve read with Squirm. I’ve talked about craft. I’ve posted a picture of my ukulele. And I’ve talked about libraries.

All in all, I’ve been talking about my life and all the things that reside in it.

That’s what makes me a life blogger 🙂

I Am A Life Blogger - Adventures of a Subversive Reader

One comment

  1. Yep, I’m a life blogger. I started my blog before I had bubs, 2 and half years before she came along actually, and even though there are probably a few more posts about Mia than other stuff, I still blog about all different things so I reckon I’m a life blogger too. It’s strange to suddenly be called a Mummy Blogger after just being a life blogger for so long. And that’s not in a bad way, I just don’t think I’ve earnt the Mummy Blogger tag yet, with such limited experience! Get back to me this time next year though, when will hopefully have two bubs and then I will probably consider myself experienced enough to be called a Mummy Blogger.

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