Wordless Wednesday: Practice

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My Little Drummer Boys


    1. I know my old school taught guitar from around then – my husband says the younger you learn the easier it is to learn all the musical theory which is important. I play ukulele which is very easy to learn the basics for and very hard to learn the harder stuff!

  1. Cairns now have a ukulele festival, I think it’s on every year. There was a lot of up-roar from some locals, they didn’t believe it was the right fit for Cairns. Personally I thought it was the perfect fit. It was great seeing the school kids get involved.
    Prue x

    1. I’d heard about the ukulele festival, but not the feedback from the locals 😦 I would have thought ukuleles would fit perfectly up there, plus extra tourism! And it’s not like ukulele players have a reputation of being hard drinkers and hotel room trashers 🙂

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