The Great Library Tour: Logan Central Library

The entrance to the library

When I decided to go to Ikea, I knew the sensible thing would be to visit a nearby library. The easiest library to get to from Ikea was the new (built in 2011) Logan Central Library, so after a couple of hours trundling around Ikea, I made my way there.

The Logan Central Library shares space with community rooms and a Supre outlet shop. The first thing you see as you approach the front door is a massive art installation, made up of hundreds of books to make a column at the entrance. The art work is repeated inside around the circulation desk and around other columns inside the library.

The library itself was huge and quite busy. There is a sizeable indigenous book collection – the Nyeumba-Meta collection – kept in a special area near the front door. This collection is primarily meant for educators in the Logan area – which is a great idea since books on indigenous topics and by indigenous authors can be difficult to find and expensive to buy but are essential for schools.

The children’s area was off to one side of the library. There’s a large room, with big glass windows, filled with different video games for the kids to play. Long shelves containing junior fiction and junior non-fiction led into a large carpeted area and a large ‘wet’ area. Around the outside of the carpeted area were picture books, with board books and large books (like teachers use) in the low shelves in the middle. There were also a number of low chairs and tables for craft work, and there was children’s work prominently displayed on the walls. Also on the walls were posters, lots and lots of advertisements for the different children’s programs the library runs (including lots of after school helping programs) and displays. One particular display that we sat near was a creative Halloween display, with a wide range of recommended books – including fiction and non fiction – that fit the theme.

There was a couple of big comfy arm chairs – all in use when we got there – plus some soft bench like seats. The books were well looked after, but also looked well read. There didn’t seem to be as many brand new books as I’ve seen in some of the libraries, but there was a wide choice and it was easy to find some good books we hadn’t read before.

I didn’t see much of the staff around – I’m sure there were lots of them, but they just weren’t around where I was. There were a couple of security guards there, though, which seemed a bit unusual for a library.

It was an awesome library, though, and it was very cool to see the library and the rooms in it, very busy. It’s exactly what we need to see in libraries!

The best parts of Logan Central Library

  • The gorgeous artwork
  • The indigenous book collection
  • Big wet area for activities
  • Lots of available activities for local kids

Important Information about Logan Central Library

26 Wilbur Street, Logan Central, Qld, 4280

Opening hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
9 am – 5 pm

Tuesday and Thursday
9 am – 8 pm

9 am – 4 pm


Parking available

While we were there . . .

We were actually in the area to visit Ikea – so that took up most of our morning. I suggest Ikea and Logan Central Library make a pretty good day. There were also lots of parks in the area – some of which looked pretty awesome and worth a visit.



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