Challenge: A Photo of Me from Year 3

Min from MINsMASH passed on a challenge from Allison Tait from Life in A Pink Fibro House. And because I’ve just transferred my photos onto my new computer, I couldn’t resist.

The challenge is to post your Year 3 school photo. Our school photo was only a class one, and mum and dad have that, so I offer the next best thing. A photo of myself in Year 3, dancing at the school concert

It was, of course, The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and that lovely skirt was made by my mother. It was very much loved and resides downstairs with a lot of my other dancing costumes.

So, now I pass the challenge on. Blog or Facebook your Year 3 picture . . .



  1. Lovely photo of the Year 3 you in pink! My mum was an awesome sewer too. She used to make alot of our clothes and even knit our school jumpers! I dont know how she found the time – considering she had five (5) of us!!

    1. It had to be pink 🙂 Mum did a lot of skirts for me, since I was tiny and didn’t fit any of the school uniforms. She also made an awesome cardigan with embroidered crayons around it – except I loved it so much and wanted to wear it all the time so she never finished embroidering the crayons!

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