Why we should celebrate our teachers: Happy World Teachers Day

Today we celebrate World Teacher’s Day. Before Squirm was born, I was a teacher – first in primary school before moving up to High School this year. But this isn’t a post about me. It’s a post about how important education and teachers are.

This week I finished watching Life at 7 on the ABC (the series is still on iView and really worth watching). One of my favourite parts were watching the parents of one of the kids both graduate from university. From the first series, Life at 1, they’d both managed to put themselves through university and create a better life for themselves and their children. (And be pretty awesome while doing it)

And while higher education is more self driven, it’s the teachers in our earlier years who drive us towards it. And we always remember the best ones.

Like Mrs Clendinnen who introduced me to Enid Blyton and the joy of reading in grade one. I don’t think I’d be writing this blog without her, since I was well and truly on my way to being a ‘naughty kid’. She realised my restlessness had a healthy dose of boredom with it, and told me I would be able to read a book if I finished my work first. My bank account and shelf space may be hurting because of her, but my passion for books was sparked by her.

And Ms Adams who took me for Grade 9 history and made me love it so much that I went on to study it at university. I have never worked so hard on an assignment as I did for her.

Then there was Mr Turner, who I had for science in Grade 9 and 10 and Chemistry in Grade 11 and 12. His teaching allowed me to win the science prize in Grade 9 (which still surprises me) and managed to coax me through Chemistry when I really wanted to be doing physics. He won the Queensland teacher of the year award a few years ago, and I’m thrilled that other students are getting to enjoy his classes as much as I did.

There were many other teachers, especially at high school, as well as lecturers and tutors who made a difference in my life. Then there’s all the fabulous teachers I’ve worked with who work miracles all the time. Happy World Teachers Day to all of them, and I hope they have an awesome day.

What teachers made a difference to your life?



  1. I’m a teacher (on mat. leave like you) and I hadn’t even realised it was World Teacher’s Day … thanks for the reminder :). What a great post. The ‘Life At’ series was great, wasn’t it? Almost daunting … do you watch Seven Up? (Briish doco-style that began in 1964, with a group of 7-year-olds from all walks of life, and then interviews them every seven years … their school circumstances – they don’t mention much about teachers – really affect their life outcomes). Anyway, I think an interesting point is that the bad teachers can affect you as much as the good ones … a Year 8 art teacher who lost my book (that had a drawing that won an award) put me off for life! I haven’t done art since … but thank goodness I was never turned off reading. I don’t think they could have stopped me if they’d tried πŸ™‚ And three cheers for Blyton (the real one!!) πŸ™‚

  2. The Life At series is amazing – I love how the stories and the science work together, and I just love seeing those kids grow older!

    I had a couple of bad teachers at school, but the worst was probably a Phys Ed teacher. I was well and truly ‘off’ the subject before I had her, though – unfortunately it was compulsory until Grade 10!

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