Why I Heart My Post Pregnancy Body

My body at 41 weeks pregnant

My fingers are still slightly swollen. My breasts are often lop-sided. There are dark marks tracking from my thighs to above my belly. And my belly is a proper little jelly-belly, with it’s own little jiggle.

And I love it all.

Just 12 weeks ago I was huge. 41 weeks pregnant, with massively swollen hands and wrists. Mr Pilot and I were trudging around the neighbourhood twice a day and I’m sure that the sight of me was scaring all the neighbours. 11 and a half weeks ago, the doctors made an incision in my stomach and pulled out my beautiful boy. The next morning, as I took my first (rather painful) post-birth shower, I realised my body would never be the same again. At the time, I was exhausted, sore and incredibly teary and I didn’t really know what to think about my body. But time has passed now and things have become clearer.

I love my new body.

I love the way it carried my beautiful Squirm so his little body was strong enough to fight the early battles. I love the way my body has fed my beautiful Squirm so he now seems the size of a small elephant (slight over exaggeration, but he has been stacking the weight on). I love that my shoulders and back and hips are strong enough to wear my beautiful Squirm close to my heart. I love the way my body has softened and curved into a new shape to suit what is, in some ways, the new me.

We’re not supposed to love our post-birth bodies. We’re constantly bombarded with images and news stories and ads on Facebook which promise us the key to losing our baby weight, that show us the latest celebrity to lose their baby weight, that make us feel like we should be all sharp lines and angles and perfectly sculpted muscles.

But I don’t think I’ve looked like that since I was 15, and I’m quite happy not to look that way again. I’m quite happy to look different, because I am changed by this experience. What my body has managed to do is evident in the marks, the curves and the softness of my belly.

And I love it.

A self portrait of me taken this morning



  1. Yay! What a joy to read. I shamefully confess that I certainly was not in a place of body love when P2 was a newborn. I wish I could have read this post then. All the best to you Yummy Mummy. 🙂

  2. This is absolutely beautiful!

    Any day over those 40 weeks feels SO long. I know! I went 40 weeks + 10 days! ugh!

    You carried pregnancy beautifully, & post pregnancy even more beautifully. And I am so happy to read that you’re in a really good place with that beautiful body o’ yours!

    Congratulations new Mama, enjoy the journey!

    Cherie @ we heart life


  3. I love that you love your post baby body. It is hard when every second magazine cover is telling us to “get back in to shape after baby!”. I’m sure if we had nannies, cooks, cleaners, personal trainers and endless supply of cash we could too… but then we’d be in an industry that only values us for our looks and not what really matters. You look amazing 🙂

  4. Love this post. I’m more than happy with my post-baby body too, and am fed up to the eyeballs of all the ads trying to tell me there’s something wrong with baby weight. You look great, and your body has done an amazing thing – and still is!

  5. After my first baby, I was in shock at what happened to my body. It has taken me two more babies and six years to be happy with the ‘new’ me. Good for you for getting there much sooner! You are lovely!

  6. Beautiful! It’s too easy to get caught up in what the world portrays as beautiful, but if you stop and soak up the magic of a post baby body, it’s the most beautiful kind x

  7. I wish I had your confidence after the birth of my Daughter! I let all of those magazines and adds and celebrities let me feel… less than I was.

    Good for you!! You pregnant and post pregnant bodies are both as equally amazing and beautiful as each other!

  8. It took me a few months to come to terms with my post-baby body but I now definitely appreciate and respect my body do much more than I ever did before. I may not always love it, but I do appreciate it and will never take it for ranted again. I think your post-baby body is fabulous and so are you!

  9. It’s such a shame more women don’t have this love and appreciation for their bodies after going through the amazing and HUGE ordeal of growing and birthing a human life! Good on you!

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