What’s in a name? – What kind of bloggers are we?

Or a post in which I link to other examples of blogs . . .

On Monday night, I, like a lot of other bloggers watched Media Watch. It was a pretty mild episode (for Media Watch, anyway) but one thing has stuck with me – other people dislike the ‘Mummy Blog’ name that is so often given to us.

Being new to this blogging community (hey, being new to being a mother!), I didn’t realise that other people also felt this way. “Mummy blogger” always felt a big patronising and over-cute, like being a mother was the only thing we ever blogged about, while decorating our blogs with pictures of pink and blue booties. (That’s a terrible simile. I apologise for that. Also, booties in Qld Spring and Summer – not so much of a thing at the moment)

However, I can totally understand the desire for classification when it comes to blogs. After all, at the end of 2011 there were 181 million blogs in the world. So, when someone goes looking for a blog to read, they’re probably looking for a certain type of blog, or a blog written by a certain type of person.

So what is an alternative to the ‘mummy blogger’ moniker?

I like the idea of being ‘classified’ or named by what we write. After all, bloggers who blog about science would be science or scientific bloggers and bloggers who blog about places in the world are travel bloggers. This might mean that we should be called ‘parenting bloggers’ except very few of the blogs I read talk only about parenting. Because very few of them bloggers I read are defined by their parenthood status alone. In fact, because we are all people of many interests and loves, we very rarely stick to only one topic.

For example, Documenting Delight (one of my very favourite blogs), could rightfully be called a photography blog – most of the entries are photos and they are beautifully done. But they aren’t just photos. Each one is a tiny story about Georgia and her lovely family. And her recent series of posts about the family trip to the Philippines would be worthy of any travel blog. She is not trapped into one particular subject.

Then there’s This Charming Mum and Enid Bite’Em. Both have book heavy blogs (probably one of the reasons I enjoy reading them so much). But This Charming Mum has an awesome weekly series of guest posts about hobbies and occasional forays into whatever she feels like writing. And over at Enid Bite’Em, you might go on a day trip in Tasmania or learn much more about Roller Derby.

Another friend (I’m not sure how public she wishes her blog to get, so I’m not linking at this point in time) blogs amazing baby food recipes, and then blogs about her son’s lost sock and an act of kindness that returned it.

Most of us like blogging about our children. We like sharing our stories, and often get feedback – building a community of knowledge. But we also like talking about books, fashion, shopping, travel, home decorating, movies, music, great moments in our lives and even ukuleles. All the things that make up our lives.

I thought about a few possibilities to rename us away from the ‘mummy blogger’. I thought of parenting blogger and family blogger. I joked about unicorn blogger and laughed at embedded domestic reporter. But, just now, as I finish writing this post, I think I might have thought of a name I’m proud to be called.

I’m a life blogger.

A Life Blogger’s Tools

Are you a life blogger too? Or have you got another name you’re proud of?



  1. I agree. I love This Charming Mum and Enid Bite ’em. I find them both thought provoking but best of all funny. They have both been very supportive of Mumabulous too which proves they have discerning taste. I’m unconcerned about being labelled a “mummy” blogger otherwise I would not have gone with a title based on the word mum. However I think I have spun off on a bit of tangent and the whole thing has become a bit of a domestic and pop culture piss take.

    1. Baby Stutters . . . you know it’s got a ring to it πŸ™‚

      I just read another blog post (which was awesome and I must link to) which pointed out that some of the best “mummy blogs” are written by women who don’t actually have children. She also talked about how the term “mummy blog” is used to belittle and silence women. It was a really awesome post . . .

    1. I think the term would be a lot easier to embrace if it wasn’t for the baggage that gets attached. I think if my blog was just purely about Squirm, I’d probably prefer ‘parent blogger’ or even ‘mum blogger’. The word ‘mummy’ just doesn’t feel right to me

  2. I like the term life blogger, and I think it sounds a little nicer than vanity blogger, which is the term a lot of people use.

    I started my blog in 2009, a good 2 and a half years before I became a Mum, so it’s weird in a way to now be considered a mummy blogger when before I was just a blogger, or probably more accurately, a book blogger or photo blogger. I don’t blog as much about books as I used to, not having the time to read as many books as I once did, and the majority of my photos are now of my daughter as I don’t have a lot of time to go out on photo-taking trips like I used to, and I of course blog a lot about my daughter, as she is the biggest part of my life now. But I also blog about a lot of different things.

    I personally don’t mind the term mummy blogger as long as it’s not used as a way to put someone down, or used in a derogatory way. In the end I just like to blog and I don’t really care what anyone wants to call me.

  3. On my blog, I state upfront that I write a “Singapore Parenting & Lifestyle blog” just so that readers can can of expect and know immediately what my blogs about. And also so as to cut down on the irrelevant PR pitches & spam :p I guess the lifestyle part is like being a life blogger, because it’s just so broad and encompasses so many other things that I like to share about eg travel, food, fashion etc.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I don’t know to be very honest
    Although, maybe ‘unicorn’ blogger describes me best πŸ™‚
    But I have two children, sometimes I write about them
    The effect they have on my life and how I now perceive the world – can”t be denied
    I write, therefore I am – is that enough?

  5. Yes, life blogger – so true. I don’t mind being labelled a mummy blogger though, it’s a short form for a lot of things that i’m proud of – i love being a mummy so it feels good.

  6. Hi, thanks so much for mentioning (and even reading!) my blog. I really like ‘life blogger’ – great idea. I don’t have a big problem with ‘mummy blogger’ when mummy bloggers use it – it’s everyone else who seems to tarnish it πŸ˜‰ I write about ‘life according to me’ , which in my case is a bit about books and a lot about kids, and then whatever else comes to mind. But I’m sure if I decide to keep on blogging, it will keep changing depending on my headspace. You should make a blog button that says ‘I am a life blogger’ and we can all link up!

    1. I love your blog – it’s one of my favourites.

      Now I’m going to have to learn about making buttons and letting people link up – the best thing about blogging, it’s a constant learning curve

      1. I’ll message you with the gadgets I found for making blog buttons. It’s much easier than I thought it would be. Let us all know if you come up with a funky design and we can add it to sidebars etc. If you want to of course! No pressure to reinvent the blogosphere or anything πŸ˜‰ And thanks, by the way,re my blog x

  7. Life blogger is fine. I’ve been following the controversy from the media watch article l this week and have been suprised at how “mummy blogger” seems to be a derogatory term. The way I see it we are all just a bunch of people blogging about events (life) and are lucky enough to have people interested in hearnig about them.

    1. I think it has a lot to do with the way the term ‘Mummy’ has been used in the past and the way people have looked down on it. I’m really going to have to do some further reading about it now πŸ™‚

  8. I like “life blogger” – I think that’s what I am. A bit of everything from parenting to music and food, with some giveaways thrown in πŸ™‚

  9. I’m totally okay with being labelled as a mummy blogger. To me, it’s not about the title, anyway. You are what you make of it. That’s what counts.

  10. I like the term Life Blogger; I have children and include them often in what I write, but the blog isn’t ABOUT them, or how to parent. It’s my view of the world, with them in it. I also think of myself as a personal blogger- half the stuff I like or write about seems to be random. Wish I’d thought of that at the beginning, when my answers to questions about my blog were incoherent rambling! :0

  11. Great post. I like the idea of life blogger. I’m a mum, and I blog, but with two sons in their 20s my ‘mummy’ days are long gone. Now I’m doing life on the other side, and loving it πŸ™‚

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