Home Organisation 101: The Master Bedroom completed

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I feel like I’ve been working on the Master Bedroom forever. In reality it’s only been a little over two weeks, but there’s been some big changes in that time!

Before Photos

Adventures of a Subversive ReaderAdventures of a Subversive ReaderAdventures of a Subversive Reader

I started by buying some new bedding. We rotate two sets of sheets – our old ones were pale green and pink and were starting to look and feel old. I bought a set of sky blue sheets, along with a new pillow for each of us. I also bought pillow protectors and finally bought a mattress protector, so I feel less anxious when Squirm is in the bed with us! I also bought a new set of green sheets which go on the bed today. We still use our old quilt cover and matching cushions, which are pink and green, but the blue in the room brightens things up!

Then it was onto my bedside table. (I’m letting Mr Pilot attack his own side). I cleaned up the top, removing a lot of books I’d already read. Then I used the tins my sister gave me at Christmas to hold a bunch of stuff from the drawers and then act as bookends. I also finally finished rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (it’s a sad ending! If I don’t read it, Harry won’t be sad!)

The insides of the drawers were pretty easy to clean out and I ended up with not much in them, which was nice 🙂

The top of the dresser was always going to be more difficult due to my necklace buying habit. I was kind of displaying them, but I wasn’t real happy with it. I ended up taking the cork board I was using and covering it with fabric. I’d used a fabric marker to draw a map on the fabric, which continues a map theme I’ve been trying for in the whole house. I then sorted my jewellery and ended up throwing a lot away. Most of the necklaces are on the board, a few are tucked away in other places.

Finally, I needed to add some decoration to the room. On the top of the trunk at the end of the bed, I put two baskets, along with a cushion and my old teddy bear. I added a vase and fake flowers to the dresser and bought two lamps for the bedside tables. Finally I put up hooks to display Mr Pilot’s hats and arranged a collection of pictures on the wall above my bedside table. I think I might put some more decoration in later, but for now this looks great.

After Photos

The dresser with our clothes baskets on either side

The bed and bedside table

The other side of the bed. Usually there’s two wide brimmed hats hanging here

Detail on top of the dresser

The end of the bed

Bedside table

Jewellery board detail

The bedroom with the lamps lit up


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