Something to Smile About

Yesterday was a busy day, with a fair amount of disruption – in and out of the car and the sling – for Squirm. Usually a day like this would be absolutely terrifying to me, disruption automatically equaling an arsenic hour which stretches long into the night.

But something has definitely changed with Squirm, and he’s coping with these distractions a lot better. The fussing in the afternoon isn’t as intense, nor does it last as long. Instead I was treated to an afternoon of smiling and playing with the new soft rattles we’d bought at Ikea earlier in the day.

After dinner, I found myself on the couch feeding (again!) Most of the time, Squirm falls asleep. And most of the time this is just a brief interlude before he gets going again. But sometimes he falls asleep on me and stays that way.

Last night, as he curled around me, fast asleep, I couldn’t help but smile. To have this little person, warm against me; to know that he sleeps better when he’s close to myself or Mr Pilot; to sit and watch him breath and wonder what the world has in store for him. This is such a precious gift, and I’m so amazed and pleased that it’s been given to me.

Today and tonight, as I hold him tight, I’ll probably make a little wish that I get many, many more of these wonderful moments.



  1. It is wonderful when they are peaceful. I had all my kids home and sleeping under the same roof earlier in the year. It was the most comforting warm fuzzy feeling.

  2. This makes me miss my little babies. So glad he is settling so much better, and you’re getting to enjoy him even more. 🙂

  3. I know both feelings so well! It was such a relief when Mia started to tolerate disruptions to the routine better, and not having that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, anticipating what kid of a melt-down she would have in the evening.

    At 11 months there isn’t as much falling asleep on me as there used to be but when there is I relish it and soak it up as much as I can. There is no greater feeling of contentment for me than holding my sleeping babe in arms.

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