Heading to Ikea

Today Squirm and I are heading down the highway to visit Ikea. It’s the first time I’ve headed down there this year, which means it’s the first time I’ve ever gone with a baby 🙂 This trip is mostly about looking at ideas and getting a few small things – and Mr Pilot says I’m not allowed to get anything that won’t fit into the boot of the car!

There’s a lot I enjoy about going to Ikea, but this will only be the second time that I go there on my own (since Squirm is too young to give his opinion). I’ve gone with family, friends and Mr Pilot (the only person I know who can go in and out of Ikea in an hour – it took us longer to put the table we bought together), but going on your own is always a different experience. On your own you can take your time to dream over certain sections, and quickly pass by the sections which hold less interest. You’re not held by anyone elses wishes 🙂

So, what will I specifically be looking for today? I want to get lamps for the bedroom and I’m looking for some wall decoration. I want to spend a bit of time looking at textiles as well as some storage ideas.

I promise that I’ll update you on my progress when I return!


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