Smelling the Roses: The Napping Edition

Each week Iโ€™d like to post about something which is beautiful, or funny, or unexpected which has made me happy through the week.

Although Squirm’s been a great night sleeper since quite early, he’s not the best at going to sleep during the day. When he does sleep, it’s usually in the car or when he’s in the sling – which is often disrupted when we stop the car or move in a way that wakes him up. This means that he’s getting over tired a lot and that really makes the afternoon hard!

I’ve begun noticing when Squirm is heading towards a nap and trying to make it easier for him to sleep with soft music, slowing down, feeding etc. This week, he’s been sleeping during the day and it’s making such a difference! Now, if I could just learn how to sleep during the day . . .



  1. Sleeping during the day? Sorcery! I’m trying to figure out how to encourage the baby to nap anywhere else except the baby carrier, which is currently the only way he sleeps during the day.

  2. I also meant to say, we picked up ‘With Nan’ from the library yesterday, and it was gorgeous (Fred was particularly delighted b/c it had a ‘Nan’ in it, like his ‘Nan’ … so many books are about Grandmas … and to be Australian, too … what a bonus ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That photo is SO cute! Good to hear he’s getting some nap time in, it’s very important! My eldest has just stopped his day naps which means I lose that time to myself, sigh. LOL

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