Home Organisation 101 – Linen Closet completed!

I finally (after three weeks) finished one of the challenges! Announcing: The Linen Closet.

You can find the blog challenge here

Our linen closet is a rather big, built in wardrobe in the hallway. I have cleaned it out fairly recently (just before Squirm was born), but only the actual linen parts. The closet also holds cleaning equipment, my sewing machine, candles and decorative stuff, board games and some of the cutlery and glasses we use more rarely. It also has our wedding album in there.

It’s hard to get a good photo in there because of space issues, but I did my bestest . . .

Before Photos

As you can see, it was mostly just untidy. Although the challenge called for pulling everything out all at once, that isn’t really practical with a 10 week old. So instead I tackled one shelve at a time.

I wiped each shelf down, then put the items back in neatly (I did get rid of a few things we no longer require too). Then I organised the cleaning items into a metal bucket and a covered container

Finally, I made some paper bunting to cheer the closet up a bit 🙂

After Photo

And, presenting the final product . . .

I had heaps of fun finishing this one up. I think it looks much better, and it’s easier to find things. Now to get back to finishing the master bedroom and the laundry!


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