The Best of Intentions: Blogging Edition

So, I had this great blog post to write. Had it all planned out in my head. Woke up early-ish, ready to write it before Squirm woke up . . .

But look! I’ve won a competition (True! Check out these gorgeous tights that Squirm won) (Also, I won a Hug-a-bub ring sling last week. Everything’s coming up Subversive Reader!) So I need to celebrate. And share the celebration with Mr Pilot. Who’s awake and has time to chat before going to work . . .

And look! Squirm’s awake. And adorable. And Mr Pilot and I need to discuss the big piece of snot that we managed to liberate from Squirm’s left nostril this morning. (It was making it hard for him to breath 😦 ) And then we need to play with him. And then I need a shower.

And look! There’s nappies that need folding, since they’ve been sitting there for a day and a half now. (Still not finished) Squirm and I say good bye to Mr Pilot for the day. Then Squirm wants a feed. And another feed. And a change.

And look! There’s nappies to be washed. And a kitchen that needs cleaning. And I think I’ll just make another cup of tea . . . One of these days I’ll get to that blog post I want to write.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader

Don’t blog! Pay attention to me!

But wait – Squirm’s getting fractious again. Looks like that blog post will have to wait a while!

Linked up to IBOT for the first time!



    1. I’m sure I will get to my proper (and much more serious) post later in the day. After I hang the washing, finish cleaning out the linen closet, make a healthy lunch . . . and finally finish folding those nappies!

      He’s a real ham, that son of mine!

  1. Ok so this might be a weird question from a stranger, but I’m going to ask anyway…Did you liberate the snot by sucking on his nose?? I told my fiance the other night that you have to do that for babies and that if I am going to be the one going through the pain of childbirth then he is the snot-sucker. But tI was only trying to gross him out and I actually have no idea where I heard that, so…myth or truth?!

    1. No sucking here 🙂 I took him into the bathroom and turned the shower on hot. Then I fed him in quite an upright position. The steam, gravity and the work he was doing to feed seemed to work together to expel the snot down his nose until it was right at the ‘entrance’ and I could get it out. I have no idea if this was the ‘best’ way, but I know KellyMom recommends the steam for congestion 🙂

  2. Oh I love it! This is the story of my Bloggy life lately, I just cannot seem to get it together. I have nappies that came out of the machine yesterday morning that I haven’t yet hung, and a stinky bucket waiting to go… Instead I’m watching Charlotte play whilst reading #IBOT!

    1. I have such great intentions with everything, but procrastination so often gets the better of me. Like, all I need to do on my blog post is choose a picture and I’m done – instead I refresh Facebook constantly!

  3. Hahaha Oh sounds like a scene from my house with the washing and nappies and endless housework. We’re livin’ the dream, aren’t we? 😉

  4. I know exactly what those days are like. I once heard a blogger say “If you are ever stuck for content…” I thought to myself, I am never stuck for content. In fact I have at least ten posts that could be written but no time to write them. It was nice to read this post and share a little snippet of your life. I look forward to reading more in the future now I have found you via IBOT

  5. I would totally be paying him attention rather than blogging. If we don’t live, there wouldn’t be anything to blog about. Blogging gets its time when we need it 🙂

  6. He’s the cutest distraction ever! In the words of Rodney Rude ” You know what I hate”. I hate it when I manage to ignore the housework and sit down to start blogging my heart out and my three year old rips the mouse from my hand and demands that I play Bunny Town with her. I hate that yeah!

  7. Squirm is adorable! What a cute photo. It’s a funny balance, life in the way of blogging or blogging in the way of life? Sometimes the addiction becomes so strong that I find I get stuck in the latter. Terrible! But I’m working on it. But there is always so much to do, and much time to spend baby-gazing 🙂

  8. That is an incredibly cute baby! There are always so many things to do aren’t there. I find it hard to get time to write deep and meaningful or even slightly interesting posts at the tight time. I mean, I need to write things down when inspiration hits, and it’s never usually convenient with 4 boys in the house (well 5 if you count hubby!)

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