The Great Library Tour: New Farm Library

When we were little, we lived in Spring Hill. Although we were probably closer to the Brisbane City library (which, back then, was in the City Hall) we usually visited the library at New Farm. So it was very strange to go back there again.

The New Farm Library, which is on the edge of New Farm Park, is another smaller library. Unlike the other libraries I’ve been to, the children’s area is right up the front of the library. This meant that I did feel like we were on show the whole time, and I didn’t really feel like it was a place you could relax with children.

The children’s area was pretty simple, with a big floor area, covered in a huge rug, and a collection of really big and bright floor cushions. There was no table or small chairs – just a couple of sofa like chairs that were set out of the way. There is also no divide between the children’s and the young adult section, and it wasn’t particularly inviting to young adults. I wonder if that’s because there’s not a big population of young adults in the New Farm area?

There were no posters or wall decorations in the children’s area, although there was a big empty notice board taking up one end of the room. It was bright, with a fair amount of natural light, and it was lovely looking out of the windows and seeing the gardens out the front of the library.

When we arrived, story time was just finishing up, and it was great to see the staff member dressed up and really getting into it. It was just a small group of children, but they looked like they were really involved in the activity. We chose a couple of books to read, which were older but in good condition, but unfortunately Squirm thought the library was a place for feeding and changing, so we didn’t get a lot of reading done.

The best parts of New Farm Library

  • Big floor cushions
  • Enthusiastic staff


Important Information about New Farm Library

135 Sydney St, New Farm 4005

Closed on public holidays
Monday and Sunday: Closed
Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am – 6pm
Thursday: 12 noon – 8pm
Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm

While we were there . . .

If you’re in New Farm, you have to drop by New Farm park. We were there for a gathering, and just walking across the park to the library, made me feel happy. At this time of the year, the Jacaranda trees are all out and the rose gardens are just beautiful. I know a lot of the older children enjoyed the playground as well. There’s also walking down near the river, and the park has free Wi Fi now 🙂 You can also walk up the block to the Methyr shops. I highly recommend Mary Ryans bookshop. However, the food places were quite crowded and seemed to be more about being on show than getting a good feed.



  1. I’ve been to New Farm Library exactly once in my entire life, and yet, reading this, I remember every little bit of it!

    And yeah, the Methyr food places were always a bit disappointing. And, as I recall, expensive.

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