Happy International Baby Wearing Week!

We’re nearing the end of baby wearing week, so I thought now was a good time to write a post celebrating it. I’ve written about baby wearing before and how it opened up my world when I wasn’t able to drive. I’m still actively baby wearing – at least once a day Squirm is worn by Mr Pilot or myself. I’ve mastered the act of feeding in the ring sling and now I’m actively coveting at least one more ring sling, a soft structured carrier and at least one beautiful woven wrap.

In the last week I have baby worn to:

  • stroll the streets of Maleny
  • visit a bookshop
  • have lunch with my mother and father for Dad’s birthday
  • do the weekly shopping, including buying new sheets and pillows for our bedroom
  • go to library rhyme time
  • clean the kitchen
  • go to Spotlight (still wasn’t going to wait in the fabric cutting line up!)
  • go on a train
  • shop in the city
  • have lunch with Mr Pilot for his birthday
  • have coffee with friends
  • visit another library on our library tour
  • visit another book shop
  • go to my first Baby-wearing event!

The last one was probably the most exciting part of the week. I was a little (ok, a lot) geekishly overcome with happiness. Among the gorgeous wraps and carriers and slings, I felt like I belonged. These were people who knew how it felt to have a little face smooshed against you, sleeping the hours away. They understood that you become a bit (a lot) passionate about baby-wearing, and you want to share all the benefits with everyone. They know the benefits for ourselves – being close to our babies and being able to get out and enjoy life. I can’t wait until the next meet up, to get out and try a woven wrap or a carrier, to be able to have longer discussions without the wind being quite so loud. 🙂

Today and tomorrow, we’ll keep on baby wearing. We’re going to breakfast this morning, then to a fair this afternoon. Then out to a birthday picnic tomorrow. Squirm will be there – nestled close to us the whole time.


One comment

  1. We love baby wearing too. I carry my first until I was too pregnant with a second for every day sleep and whenever we go walking. She’s quite a sensitive little thing and I think baby wearing really benefited her. Lovely blog and post thank you. X

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