Home Organisation 101: Getting into the Master Bedroom – Before Photos

You can find the challenge and this week’s inspiration here

This week, the challenge moved into the Master Bedroom (but not the wardrobe)

I was so glad that this week didn’t include the wardrobe, as my wardrobe may be a little overstuffed. I need to do some serious cleaning up and out in there. But, instead, the focus this wee was on our biggest bedroom, and probably one of the cleanest rooms in our house. We try to keep it neat and organised most of the time, and we’ve pretty good at always making the bed and tidying up our bedside tables. But the room is a little blah, so there is room to make it look much nicer.

I took the before photos at a bad time – I’d just stripped the bed to wash the sheets. Usually the bed is made, but the sheets we had were pink. With the pink walls, trim and curtains, the whole room felt a bit like a fairy floss machine. I’ve bought new sheets (which look awesome) and a new vase for the dresser. I’ve also reorganised my bedside table and cleaned out two drawers of it. Now for some wall decoration and to tackle the dresser . . .


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