Two Months Old: A Letter to Squirm

Dear Squirm,

Another month has flown by. Just the other day I saw all these tiny babies and I had trouble remembering when you were that small. Sometimes I wish you were still that small, though I’m constantly excited by every new thing you do.

No one would doubt your health now. In the last week or so, you’ve become quite chubby, especially around the arms and legs. It makes your nappies fit better, which is a good thing! You’re feeding quite easily now, at least most of the time. When you’re not feeding well, it’s usually because something’s wrong – like gas, or the horrific heat we’ve had the last couple of days. We’ve now fed you at a zoo, in parking lots, at church and wherever else we need to.

Night times are pretty awesome now. You’re almost always in bed before nine and you usually sleep until three. Sometimes I have to get you up to make sure you have a night feed. You usually sleep through the first part, but wake up when I change you. We always spend the second part of the feed curled up in the glider together and it’s one of my favourite times.

You’re smiling all the time now – you start the morning with a big smile to whoever goes to get you up. Then you seem to smile all the time, right until the early morning feeds. When you’re not smiling, you’re often very alert. You’re looking around, taking more and more of the world in. We’ve noticed you staring at the mobile hanging in your window, and I’m now making some other ones for you to enjoy. You’ve also started pulling yourself right up on your arms during tummy time, and even rolling onto your back some of the time.

We’re still reading lots of books to you – probably more now that we’ve started going to the library. I know that when you get bigger, we’ll probably read some books over and over again, so I’m really enjoying the big range of books we read now. You like the books with bold colours, and the ones with a good rhythm in them. I like the books where I get to use voices.

I’m really looking forward to your third month. I’m looking forward to more amazing feats of moving and face pulling. I’m looking forward to more adventures. And I’m looking forward to more cuddles in the glider at three in the morning.




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