The Great Library Tour: Albany Creek Library

The Albany Creek Library was a totally new library to me. But, as it happened, I had a meeting in the park right next to the library, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to explore the next library on our list. It’s also a Moreton Bay Regional Council library, which meant that I could change our books there 🙂

Albany Creek library is in a self contained building, which felt really big on the inside – even if it didn’t immediately seem that way from the outside. The entrance way was pretty open, allowing you to get your bearings fairly quickly. From the leaflets at the check in/out terminals, it became clear that there are a lot of community events held at the library. This also made sense since it was quite close to the main shopping area.

The back of the library – quite a large space – contained the young people’s areas. Like Strathpine, the young adults section was physically separate from the children’s area. The children’s section was bright and felt airy – even though the windows were quite high. There were shelves against the wall for the toy library, then another row of shelves holding board books, low shelves with the picture books and junior fiction in a diagonal row of shelves. There was a mix of colours and neutrals in the childrens area and it actually felt a little more mellow than the usual primary colours. There was also a number of posters on the wall, a hanging dragon leading into the childrens’ section and poetry (written by children) etched into the glass of the window. My favourite part, though, was the two light features, which mixed different coloured lights with long string like things.

Next to the board books were a collection of nicely battered board games for children to play with in the library. When you put this together with the craft table near the entrance, the video games available in the young adult section and the fact it was the second week of school holidays – I would have expected it to be packed. However, there were only a few families in the library in the whole time I was there.

The staff were really friendly, both as we came in and as we left the library. They were pleased to see Squirm there – commenting that he’s getting an early start to the reading . . . 🙂

As for the books! There was a nice selection in adult non fiction that I got a quick look at as we moved through the library. And the picture books were great – I wanted to take all of them out!

All in all, this was my favourite library so far. I’m looking forward to going back there in the future.


The best parts of Albany Creek Library

  • Soft squishy chairs
  • Relaxed feel
  • Awesome book selection

Important Information about Albany Creek Library

16 Ferguson Street,


Open Monday to Sunday. See website for details

Parking out front and next to the park at the side.

While we were there . . .

We didn’t have a lot of time to poke around, but there is a nice park next to the library – a good place to get out the energy before or after the visit. This is a fenced park, which appeals to a lot of people.

I also had a great coffee from the Coffee Club across the street 🙂



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