Squirm’s Book Reviews: The I Spy Edition

Each week, I review some of the books we’ve read with Squirm:

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allen Ahlberg

I’m becoming a hard and fast fan of these authors, and I think I’ll be searching out more books by them each trip to the library. This time they’re tackling nursery rhymes and fairy tales, with each page connecting one to another.

As with Peepo!, the illustrations in this book have lots to see. I enjoyed looking for different items in each of the pictures and Squirm spent his time following my finger around the page. I wasn’t sure this one would keep his attention the way it did because it wasn’t as high contrast in the illustrations as other books have been, but he was engaged throughout the whole book.

Dragon’s Dinner by Susannah Corbett

This was an absolute delight of a book. One day a dragon wakes up and decides that he’s hungry. So he heads out to chase a bunch of animals that he wants for dinner. Until he comes across the mouse . . .

The story has a lovely rhythm that just rolls off your tongue. There’s lots of scope for funny voices, and the pictures have lots to look at. I loved this book and it kept Squirm very involved right to the end. This is one library book I think I’ll have to buy!



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