The Great Library Tour: Mt Gravatt Library

The Mt Gravatt Library is in central Mt Gravatt. I used to live 5 minutes down the road, and it’s on the way to Squirm’s grandparents place, so it seemed like a good second library trip.

The library is very small, probably about the size of a biggish shop. It’s a little hard to find the entrance too – instead of facing out onto the main road, the entrance is tucked away around the back. When you get there, it is quite welcoming, but also (through necessity) very crowded with displays and the checking desk – we had to wait for other people coming in or going out of the door before we could get in or out.

The children’s area is small, but quite cosy, tucked away down the back of the library. It has big windows looking out onto the main street, which allow lots of natural light into the room. It’s also right on top of the young adult section (in fact there is no real division between them) and the computers. The children’s section contains shelves and furniture in the standard primary colours, but no real decorations – just a few advertising posters and a couple of small book cover photocopies arranged up much higher than children’s eye line. (I didn’t see the covers until I sat down and looked around). There’s some cushions on the floor, three small armchairs and a couple of stools, but most of the room is given over to shelves for the picture books. (All the chapter books are arranged in shelves along the wall.)

There was a big selection of books and all of them looked like they were in good condition. One thing I noticed was that they seemed to have some very obscure books – I know there was one picture books there that was recently promoted by Engineers Australia.  The rest of the library looked as if the collection had been chosen with regard for the people using it – my father in law commented that they have lots of large print books for the elderly residents who use it.

The staff I came across were busy, but friendly. We were lucky enough to be there for story time, and although it was aimed at an older age than Squirm, we were definitely made welcome. The story time had an alien and space theme, and the staff member taking it was enthusiastic and had obviously put thought into the progression through the books. However, the influx of parents and children for story time, definitely highlighted the problem with space at this library – it became very squishy very quickly.

The best parts of Mt Gravatt Library

  • The fabulous big windows looking out – they made the children’s area feel bigger than it was
  • The arm chairs were really comfortable
  • Nice selection of books

Important Information about Mt Gravatt Library

8 Creek Road


Saturday, 9:00am to 12:00pm.
Sunday and Monday, Closed.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Thursday, 9:00am to 7:00pm.
This library is closed on public holidays.

On street parking only. No visible toilet.

While we were there . . .

Squirm and I went to explore the rest of the central Mt Gravatt while we were there. There were a few real highlights like the excellent service I got at the Mt Gravatt Coffee Club and the tiny retro sewing shop up at one end of the street. There were some food and coffee places I really want to go back and try at another time. Then there was Photo Continental and it’s utterly amazing scrapbooking section (honestly, if you’re a scrapbooker you have to check it out!). (Photo Continental also had a change table in their disabled toilet which was very appreciated). Squirm and I also went for a drive up to the Mt Gravatt look out, which I’d never been up during the day. The views up there are great, and there was a nice little play ground. I believe there’s also a few walks to do if you’re feeling more active.

What surprised me was the lack of people around. It was a beautiful day, and it felt like the street should be buzzing with people. Instead it was mostly empty. I guess, in that area at least, people are heading to the bigger shopping centres instead of the little strips of shops.

The playground and view from Mt Gravatt Lookout


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