Getting Organised – Getting Appy With It

A little while ago I talked about the difficulty of fitting any kind of housework in around a baby. While it would be easy to say that housework shouldn’t matter when you’ve got a baby, the lack of it was starting to drive me to distraction. Also, Squirm’s eight weeks old now, and becoming more predictable even if he has absolutely no daytime routine inclinations. Not to mention, at some time I have to start getting housework done again, so I may as well start now since I’m motivated.

Just after I posted the entry about getting organised, I found an iPad app that actually has helped me do so. Normally I wouldn’t rave on about apps here, but this one has made such a difference that I have to share it. It’s called Home Routines and it costs a few dollars, but is totally worth it. It comes with an editable list of household tasks split into morning, evening and weekly. It also has more focused areas – much like – which you can either have in 5,6 or 7 groups and you can focus on one each day or one each week. Each time you finish a task, you can tap the star next to it and the app compiles a list of tasks you finish each day.

The best part of it is how much you can edit it – I have quite specific tasks on mine. I also like how the stars can reset each day, so you don’t have undone tasks hanging over your head – it’s a new day to get things done. There’s also a timer you can use to complete 15 minutes in ‘focus areas’ – the timer’s also editable and can be paused if you need to.

So far (I’ve been using it for over a week now) I’ve had a great success with it. The daily jobs are getting done because I remember them ( my memories not the best on reduced sleep) and I’m getting bigger tasks done that I may not think of without the app. I love seeing how much I’ve done each day, so all those stars motivate me to get more done.


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