Sewing: Squirm’s Library bag

One of the things I wanted to start off well with Squirm is using a library bag. This means the books will be kept together and kept safe, but it will also mean Squirm is used to using a library bag before he goes to school and they become compulsory.

(This was my second attempt at making a library bag. I started making one last week, but completely rushed it, and mucked up the cutting of it. I do this sort of thing way too often, and it was a good reminder to slow down and be more careful with my cutting out.)

I went through my remnants and unused material to find the fabric for this project. The monkeys were an immediate stand out – once I saw them, I knew I wanted to use them. The flowers were a nice and bright addition and I finished off the outer fabrics with a bit of light blue left over from making burp cloths.

For the inside lining, I used a spotted, heavy material that I used to make our nappy bag. I wanted something sturdy, since the bag will be used to carry many books. I also used a scrap of airplane material to make a library card pocket inside.

Making the bag itself was pretty easy. I sewed the strips together to make two outsides, before sewing them together at the ‘bottom’ of the bag. I then sewed the seams down and sewed the single piece of lining, with the attached pocket, to it. I then sewed up the sides to near the top and turned the top over to create a insert for the straps. To make the straps, I used ribbon sewed to some bias binding.

I’m really happy with how this came out. It’s strong, but not too big or bulky. It’s bright and colourful and all the materials worked well together. I think it’s well made too – I’m please I took the time to do a proper job.


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