The Great Library Tour: Strathpine Library

This is the nearest library to us – our home library. It’s a separate building, situated at the southern end of a row of council buildings. They were talking about a new library as part of a new complex, but that’s been put back now, so the older building will be around for a little while longer.

The library entrance is bright and colourful, with a number of posters advertising events and programs in the library and the general council. It took me a little while to work out that there was no return shute, though. Instead you return the books electronically, similar to the way you can check them out. This is probably very normal now, but it’s been a long time since I borrowed from a library!

The children’s area is a bit shabby (with a new library in the pipeline, I can’t see the council putting in big money to do up the library) but it’s clean and comfortable. There’s big bright butterflies on the wall, along with posters advertising the borrowing awards children can win. The picture books take up one long wall, and they’re placed at a really good height for children and their parents. There’s also two free standing shelves full of board books – it’s really nice not having to go through all the other picture books to find these. Children’s novels fill up two sides of the children’s area, with a little table in the fourth side. There’s a huge rug in the middle as well as a heap of big cushions and two lovely sofas (which are great for feeding too). There’s also a big kids non-fiction section, which is excellent – I particularly loved the inflatable planets hanging above this.

As well as books, Strathpine library has kids CDs, audio books, DVDs and a toy library which is neatly contained behind a little fence. The rest of the library is really well set out – young adult next to the children’s, in an area of its own, which is nice. There’s a nice collection of adult audio books and a huge collection of biographies. There’s also a special local history section.

We go to Strathpine library for rhyme time, which is held on Wednesdays and Fridays. This is a simple, but fun time where babies (though, Squirm is by far the youngest there) and their parents sing through a collection of nursery rhymes accompanied by shakers, bells and puppets. It’s a very welcoming activity, and today we were presented with a printout of all the rhymes, plus a bunch of other ones to sing with Squirm at home.

The staff are really friendly and easy to find. When I went to sign myself up the first time we went, the lady at the counter offered to sign Squirm up so he could have his own card and participate in the borrowing program. He was really fractious that visit, but they were really kind and I felt like they honestly didn’t mind that he was screaming the place down.

We’ve read quite a few books from Strathpine and borrowed some as well. There’s a mixture of older and newer books in the children’s area with some that look untouched. Some of the board books are very well loved, but they’re still neat and tidy.

The best parts about Strathpine Library

  • Friendly staff

    Squirm’s first library card

  • Special board book shelves
  • Comfy couch
  • Easy to park at
Important Information about Strathpine Library

Corner Gympie and South Pine Roads, Strathpine, QLD 4500
Open Monday to Saturday – check website for times
Parking available with special motorbike and bicycle parking
Toilets and change table available

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