Finding a New Organisation

As a teacher, I had a plan for every day. I knew what the day would hold, mostly, and how I’d go about getting things done.
Now I’m a full time mother (at least for the time being) I’ve had to work out how to deal with less structured days. Squirm doesn’t run on school bells, and there’s no set curricula to get through or assessments to complete. But as he gets older, there’s more time to fill with events other than feeding and changing nappies, and I’ve found I need to rethink how I approach our days.
One of the things I’ve had to think about is how structured my day will be. Do I develop a strict routine of events? Do I have a more flexible plan? Do I have no plan at all – just go completely with the flow?
One of the main things I’ve learned about having a new born is that flexibility is essential. He’ll want to feed when he wants to feed. He’ll need to be changed when he needs to be changed. And he’ll be fussiest just when I think I can get something done 🙂 A strict routine would never be possible and being unable to meet it would just drive me to distraction.
Instead, I’m beginning to plan my week based around activities that do rely on time. Doctor’s appointments, meetings, library activity times are all set and give us an anchor to work around. It’s important to me that I get out of the house for these activities, giving me contact with other adults and motivating me to get more done at home. Then there’s my library challenge which encourages me to plan one big outing a week.
Now I need to work out how house work fits into my week. So far, I’ve kept on top of the washing and some general tidying, but actual cleaning has been a bit hit and miss. What I need to do now is work out what housework really needs to be done each week or fortnight and which housework would be nice to get done. I’m thinking that if I made a list at the beginning of the week, it gives me something to work through as I get the opportunity – a good list is always a motivator for me.
As Squirm gets older and develops a little more of a routine, I’m sure these things will fall into place a little more. But for now, I’m happy just to get a little more done between the feeding and the changing 🙂

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