The Great Library Tour – Mapping the Available Libraries

Before Squirm and I head out on our great library tour, we need to find out what libraries are out there. We’re at the lower end of our particular council area, and Squirm’s grandparents live in two other council areas, so there was plenty of scope there. After I’d looked at all the libraries there, I threw in a couple of other local council areas. Then I put them all in google maps:

There’s 72 different libraries on that map, ranging from the big one in the middle of Brisbane City, to a community library which only opens for 2 and a half hours a week. I avoided mobile libraries, because they tend to be much the same, and I spent a lot of time in our mobile library when I was kid!

As we go from library to library, I’ll post the reviews over here


One comment

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of libraries! I’ve been doing an unintentional tour of Logan libraries going to different ABA meetings, which has been rather fun. I’ve also been merrily requesting books at our local library, as they have no overdue fines and no fees for requesting books – how that works, I’ve no idea.

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