The Great Library Tour – Introduction

I don’t think it would come as a surprise to those who know me, or even those who have read my previous posts, but I love books. Which means I also love libraries 🙂 When I was in primary school I read every book in our school library. I was a library monitor in high school, and I won an award for borrowing the most books over a year. I just about lived in the SS&H library when I did my degree at the University of Queensland. And my first contract teaching job was as a teacher librarian.

I love libraries.

Obviously I want Squirm to become a reader as he gets older. We’re doing lots of things to encourage this, including introducing him to libraries. I believe that exposing him to libraries as early as possible will normalize them, and reading – making libraries and books an essential part of life.

We have a decent local library which I intend to visit with Christian each week (as much as possible), but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to explore. And the concept of the the Great Library Tour was born.

The intention is to try to get to at least one new library each fortnight. Squirm and I will explore the libraries, read some books together and collaborate to write a review of each library to be published here. We’ll check out the libraries in our own council area – Moreton Bay Regional Council (some libraries here are only open a couple of hours a week!), as well as libraries in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We might even head out to Redlands, Logan, Ipswich and the Gold Coast!

Of course there’ll be certain things we’ll look out for on our Great Library Tour:

  • A welcoming place. Do we feel like we’re welcomed through the library door?
  • The children’s area. Is it a clear area separate from the rest of the library? How can you tell it’s the children’s section? What things are offered there?
  • The rest of the library. What kind of things are offered? What does it look like?
  • The staff. Are they present? Friendly?
  • The books. What kind of selection is there for Squirm and I to read? Are the books inviting? In good condition?

What would you look for in a library? What would you look for when taking an infant to the library?


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