On Walking and Baby-wearing

Since I had a c-section with Squirm, I’ve been under medical advice not to drive for six weeks. Now, I’m nearing the end of the six weeks (Monday!) a (admittedly small) part of me is a little sad that the car will be my main mode of transport again.

Of course, there’s many reasons that I’m looking forward to driving again. I look forward to being able to go to visit Squirm’s grandparents – which is extremely difficult without a car (and impossible in my parents case). I look forward to buying things without wondering whether on not I’ll be able to lug it half an hour plus home. I look forward to starting our great library tour (details coming!) and to get out and walk in places where there’s more trees than houses. Plus I want to go to Ikea. But in some ways I’m going to miss being carless.

It’s forced me to be more creative in how I get around. I’ve worked out a number of different ways to get to the places I want, including taking the bus to the nearest really big shopping centre. It’s forced me to slow down a bit, to consider the time it takes to get places. It’s allowed me to have more human contact as I pass other walkers. But the best part about walking has been the baby wearing.

Mr Pilot and I always intended to baby wear when I was pregnant. We don’t have sidewalks on our street and we live up a set of stairs – both things that looked like making a pram difficult. We decided to buy one wrap to begin with, then decide after Squirm was born whether or not we’d invest in a pram. After a lot of reading, we decided to go with a Hug-a-bub pocketless wrap. We practiced with stuffed animal, and felt reasonably happy with our choice.

The day after we got home from hospital, we had the wrap out ready to try. Mr Pilot was to be the designated wearer until I got a little stronger after the operation. Once we watched the instruction DVD, we took a chance and popped Squirm in . . .

. . . to immediate success. Within seconds he’d fallen asleep. It looked like this wrap thing was a winner. I was able to pop it on after another week, and suddenly the world was open to me, even without a car.

For me, baby wearing has had many more benefits than drawbacks. I love having Squirm tucked right up on my chest (they say the baby should be close enough to kiss – I take this as an opportunity to kiss his lovable little head a lot!) and he tends to fall asleep pretty quickly (which is great because he won’t usually sleep during the day otherwise). I have two hands free, which means I can browse in the shops and even manage to eat something when we’re going out. The Hug-a-bub wrap spreads out across my whole back, shoulders and hips, so I don’t really feel like I’m carrying a weight. And the wrap starts heaps of conversations when we go out – more human contact!

The drawbacks? Well, we went to the library yesterday and the books we got out got a bit heavy to carry after a while. I have to make sure I have everything I need in the nappy bag, because there’s nowhere to store it. And the hug-a-bub complete with baby can get a bit hot after a while. None of these negatives have stopped me, though. Instead, I might have bought another wrap and a ring sling . . . 🙂



  1. Love it! I’m new to babywearing and also have a HAB that I’ve fallen in love with after only using a couple of times. I’m really keen to try some more and would also really love a ring sling. Are those OK for newborns too? My bubba is 2 weeks old.

  2. Teddy didn’t particularly enjoy the slings I tried him in, but the Ergo baby carrier (with an insert while he’s little) has been a life saver. It’s pretty much the only way he sleeps during the day, soothes any grizzly fits and lets me get things done while he’s napping. And he just loves being all comfy and secure in there, particularly if I take him out shopping or anything like that. Can’t imagine life without it!

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