Welcome to my Brave New Blog


Yet Another Blog

There’s no getting away from it. There’s a glut of blogs out there. Mine is just one more voice shouting out into the empty abyss that is the internet. But I can’t help thinking that just maybe I have something to share. And this is the best place to share it.

I’ve kept blogs in the past – some better than others. But this one won’t be particularly specialised, more of a general ‘mummy blog’ I suppose. But I do promise there will be lots of books!

Look out for book reviews of childrens, young adult and adult books; my crochet and sewing projects, musings on motherhood, library tours and reviews and possible ukulele playing.

Who is the Subversive Reader?

That’s me. I’m in my early thirties, a first time mother currently on maternity leave from my job as a high school teacher (formally a primary school teacher). I live north of Brisbane with my husband, Mr Pilot and my son, Squirm.

I’m passionate about reading, teaching reading, getting kids into reading, crocheting book inspired outfits and dolls, advocating for reading and reading to my son. I’m currently inspired to figure out what this new life of motherhood means to me. I’m interested in a mostly natural approach to parenthood.

Who is Squirm?

Squirm is my son, currently 5 weeks old as I begin this blog. He’s passionate about eating, making messes, his elephant toy, listening to his Dad read and the Pigeon series of books.



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